9 Don’t-Miss Exhibits at Nuit Blanche

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Scotiabank Nuit Blanche is a rite of passage for fall, marking the end of patio lounging and the beginning of knee socks and scarves. Whatever it is, it’s almost here and, like anything that involves Torontonians milling the streets by the millions, it requires a plan of action. Here are nine exhibits that we’re excited about checking out this Saturday night.

Oh, and if you need a 3 a.m. snack while you’re exploring, our friends at Baker Street will be setting up temporary digs, no, not on Baker St., but at Yonge St. and Dundonald St. (one block north of Wellesley). Stop by and sample Baker Street’s handcrafted Apple or Strawberry Rhubarb pie. Guaranteed to be a slice!

1. Fluxe

Pulpit rock

An interactive, immersive piece that democratizes art by inviting the spectator into the world of the artist by becoming the artist himself. Planted LCD screens are the paintbrushes and a 100 by 33 foot digital LED screen becomes the canvas. Paint on these touchscreens or on your own Blackberry Tablet to see your work projected on the giant LED canvas.

Scotia Plaza
(Located on Adelaide Street, between Bay Street & Yonge Street)

2. Flightpath

Pulpit rock

A very cryptic description on the website promises the gift of urban flight. Ideally this means being strapped into winged contraptions and soaring above Toronto skies. Reality check means this will include colossal lineups, but we’re too intrigued to care.

Nathan Philips Square

3. Fly By Night at the Gladstone Hotel

Pulpit rock

The Gladstone is always worth the trek to the west end, which usually features a slightly-less-PG street art party than its central counter parts. This year, the Gladstone is promising live vaudeville, burlesque, karaoke, the words “Wish you were here” written in neon, and even sound installations inspired by deceased insects. If that last one doesn’t draw you west of Oz, we don’t know what will.

Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen Street West

4. L’écho-l’eau

Pulpit rock

Reminiscent of those old Log Driver’s Waltz cartoons (not to mention the actual log run tradition by which the cartoons were inspired), the atrium of the MaRS building will be transformed into a slice of Canadiana complete with floating lumber. Log runs can be attempted at your own risk and leisure.

MaRS Building
101 College Street

5. The Tie-Break

Picking up where the pun-loving Duchamp left off, Tie-Break proves that art can be funny. And, in this case, physically exhausting. Artists Tibi Tibi Neuspiel and Geoffrey Pugen will spend all night recreating the 1980 Wimbledon Gentlemen’s Finals between Björn Borg and John McEnroe that ESPN has lauded as the “the most riveting episode in the sport’s history.” Each stroke, each facial expression and each grunt is choreographed to be a replica of the real thing.

Commerce Court, North Plaza
25 King Street West, east of Bay Street

6. A Brief History of Rebellion

Pulpit rock

Tapping into the idea that when you say something over and over again it loses meaning, a group of Toronto musicians will play Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit 144 times. Incidentally, that song is already so perennially overplayed that playing it 144 more consecutive times are sure to blow any remaining morsel of meaning straight into rock n’ roll oblivion.

186 Spadina Avenue

7. Through the Gorilla Glass

The green roof of Toronto City Hall will be turned into a light up dance party of mechanical arms waving in sequence. The machine moves and reacts in a series of sensors; visitors are also able to move the arms themselves.

NW Corner of Podium Roof Garden
City Hall, 100 Queen Street West

8. The Heart Machine

Pulpit rock

This fire-spewing sculpture needs participants to function properly. The Heart Machine has four arteries that, when touched, spew flames up to 25 feet in the air. According to the program, this piece was “inspired by Fritz Lang’s film, Metropolis,” and “serves as an interactive metaphor between citizen and city, citizens and technology.” Also, it originally premiered at Burning Man, so watch out for hippies with face paint.

Parking Lot, 640 Bay Street (Between Elm Street and Edward Street)

9. The Dogs and Boats and Airplanes Choir

Pulpit rock

Dogs meet boats meet airplanes meet children’s choir for this sound installation that will be snaking through the Atrium on Bay. The idea is to connect sounds of the industrial, technological world with that of the living, particularly with sounds of man’s best friend. It sounds delightfully eerie.

Atrium on Bay 595 Bay Street

Check out the full list of exhibits and plan your night at www.scotiabanknuitblanche.ca.

All photos via Nuit Blanche

Dress Like Cher Horowitz Day at NKPR

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News flash: Casual Fridays are kind of boring. We here at NKPR are much bigger fans of Fashion Friday, a term coined in-house some time ago to shake things up (not dress them down!) on the last day of the work week. After Fashion Friday experienced a hiatus for some time, it was promptly reintroduced once the TIFF craze died down. And since this office consists of many a-Cher Horowitz fan and 90’s lover, the inaugural theme, Clueless, was a no-brainer. We like to think we did Cher proud, but what else would you expect of an office of 25 girls**?




Cherith at Fashion Friday


Rebecca and Kristin
Rebecca and Kristin



Ethan as Elton
Ethan, as Elton

**And three very patient, very understanding guys.

NKPRers Dish IT Lounge

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IT was the longest week that felt like the shortest week. Or maybe it was the other way around. Either way, for  a full week our office was draped, hung with chandeliers and positively transformed into one of the film festival’s premier gifting suites. Some of the boldface names included Paul Haggis, Russell Peters, Erin Karpluk, Howie D, an assortment of Toronto Maple Leafs and a whole lot of Degrassi: The Next Generation cast members. After working for almost two weeks straight the NKPR team just treated themselves to a long weekend, and all the cupcakes that Baker Street left in our fridge.

Morgan Spurlock reads up on Miami Escapes
Morgan Spurlock at the IT Lounge

“My favourite part was moonwalking,” says Andrea, referring to the House of Marley DJ who kept us grooving all week.

“Listening to old school BSB while Howie D walked through the Lounge, taking hilarious photos in the Goody Photo Booth [ed note: it’s true, the award for Most Time Spent in Photobooth definitely goes to Kristin], meeting Billy Boyd (Pippin was my favourite hobbit), when it ended and I slept peacefully ;)” – Kristin

“Since this was my first IT Lounge experience, it was all very exciting. My most memorable moment would have to be the first day. The office was insane busy, filled with people (celebs and media). I was constantly busy and loved it. My fave moment would be hanging out with everyone before and at the APJ/TORO event.” – Samantha

“My most memorable moments were seeing the office transform into the amazing IT Lounge it became. I enjoyed each of the talent who came through, and loved the fun that that Goody photobooth brought to the lounge. The Stila Kiss for a Cause board was smooched by all! I had the pleasure of touring the Property Brothers and they were the first males to put on lipstick and kiss the board for Camp Ooch. They were great sports.” – Lindsay

Russell Peters apparently loving Stratusphere
Russell Peters at the IT Lounge

“Meeting Cory Monteith at TORO After Dark- that was definitely a highlight.” – Brittany

“My best memory of the IT Lounge was probably working the HELLO! Canada red carpet, and then hanging out in the IT Lounge, eating pita on the floor before TORO, taking photos in the Goody Booth, listening to really loud music and eating candy and being crazy” – Rebecca

“Favourite IT Lounge moment? Seeing each brand give back to APJ and Camp Oochigeas in their individual way – from “tweeting” to even “kissing” for a cause!” – Lauren

“My highlight was when Bob Marley’s granddaughter Donisha Prendergast came in, because I’m a huge Marley fan” – Alyson Fuller of Baker Street

“I loved meeting all the staff at NKPR, they’re awesome,” said Greg, our dutiful and faithful photographer. “Favourite moment? Meeting Erin Karpluk.”

Erin Karpluk holds Baker Street cupcakes
Erin Karpluk at the IT Lounge

“Pie,” says Cherith Walsh. “But non-IT Lounge highlights were when I saw my idol Eddie Vedder play at the APJ garden lunch.”

“Being crammed in the corner with the entire creative team.” – Elli

“Dancing the days away to the tunes of the very cool DJ Spex at the House of Marley booth.” – Katherine

Alas, the drapes have been dropped, the chandeliers are dismantled and at some point we’ll finish all the Baker Street cupcakes, but it was a swell ride while it lasted. See you all next year!

APJ was the Toast of TIFF!

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With the annual Hollywood invasion officially behind us, one group of boldface names took advantage of the film festival to help out a cause that’s far removed from the limos, champagne and ball gowns that come with it. NKPR is proud to say that one of the biggest success stories during the film festival were events held to benefit Artists for Peace and Justice (APJ), a charity which supports health, education and dignity initiatives in Haiti. With three events during the 10-day festival, APJ hosted the who’s who of the film and music industries and raised more than $600,000 for the organization in the process. 100% of the funds will reach those in need in Haiti.

Here are the highlights!

APJ Blue Jays Day – September 8, 2011

Joseph Alyyns, a 16-year-old Haitian boy who lives in the tent camp of Villa Betame in Port au Prince, was flown into Toronto with the APJ Haiti ground team to help raise awareness of the work APJ does with children of Haiti.

Joseph’s home was destroyed in the earthquake of 2010 and he moved into a tent camp with his parents and sister. Joseph makes bracelets from found materials to sell to support his family. Joseph’s mother makes jewelry out of recycled trash for Kado gift, and his father sells phone cards on the streets of Port-au-Prince. Despite the challenges Joseph has faced, he remains brave and resilient and is an inspiration to all he meets.

16-year-old Joseph from Haiti at his first Blue Jays game
Joseph at the Rogers Centre in Toronto

Joseph is also the star captain of the Tabbare Tigers – Haiti’s first little league baseball team built at the Artists for Peace and Justice secondary school. So what better way to introduce Joseph to Toronto than at a Toronto Blue Jays game! Thursday night at the Rogers Centre, clad in his very own Bautista Blue Jays jersey, Joseph represented the APJays team by throwing the first pitch (in brilliant style!) and then joined the Jays team for the pre-game warm-up. He also enjoyed the rest of the game in a corporate box, courtesy of generous APJ supporter Martha Rogers, watching the Jays’ successful win over the Red Sox.

16-year-old Joseph from Haiti pitches the ball at his first Blue Jays game
Joseph pitches the ball

TORO After Dark Benefiting Artists for Peace and Justice – September 9, 2011

The red carpet was hot at AME on Friday night, where guests rubbed shoulders with Hollywood A-listers and danced the night away to tunes spun by DJ Tony Okungbowa (The Ellen DeGeneres Show). On the menu? A delicious mix of festival-inspired SKYY Vodka cocktails and mouth-watering hors d’oeuvres prepared by INK chefs. Paul Haggis, Gerard Butler, Jason Reitman and George Stroumboulopoulos hosted the soirée, with all ticket sales going to APJ work in Haiti.

Paul Haggis, George Stroumboulopoulos, Gerard Butler and David Belle
Paul Haggis, George Stroumboulopoulos, Gerard Butler and David Belle

While many film festival events are restricted to film industry professionals and sponsors, this year’s TORO After Dark provided an opportunity for APJ to generate awareness and engage a new audience in a relaxed setting, while providing the opportunity to meet some of Hollywood’s biggest personalities.

Event-goers were also able to support APJ through the purchase of the Vhernier Haiti ring. The Italian jeweler has created a limited edition ring in silver and gold to support APJ and the Francesca Rava Foundation’s ongoing efforts to educate the children of St. Luc Street School and the Academy for Peace and Justice in Haiti. Each ring sold will provide one child with an entire year of education.

Jason Reitman
Jason Reitman

APJ Academy Lunch – Saturday, September 10, 2011

An intimate backyard gathering, the Academy for Peace and Justice Garden Lunch was held at a private Annex estate where celebrities and socialites alike gathered to unwind from the buzz of the festival and support APJ.

Supporters including Jon Hamm, Jennifer Westfeldt, Paul Haggis and Madeleine Stowe enjoyed intimate performances by Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, Régine Chassagne of Arcade Fire and DJ Tony Okungbowa.

Once-in-a-lifetime opportunities – ranging from a trip to the APJ site in Haiti, tickets to the Hollywood Awards (the hardest tickets to get a hold of!), dinner with Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed, a meet-and-greet with Justin Bieber and an exclusive red carpet experience at the L.A. premier of Ides of March – were auctioned off by host Paul Haggis. More than $159,000 was raised from the auction itself – not bad for an afternoon lunch!

Paul Haggis, Jennifer Westfeldt and Jon Hamm
Paul Haggis, Jennifer Westfeldt and Jon Hamm

Eddie Vedder and Régine Chassagne
Eddie Vedder and Régine Chassagne

IT Lounge

In addition to APJ events during TIFF, international and local brands came together to raise additional funds for APJ at the NKPR IT Lounge.

Paul Haggis is interviewed at the IT Lounge
Paul Haggis being interviewed at the IT Lounge

Italian brand Coccinelle, who are launching their exclusive range of luxury handbags and accessories, hosted a daily silent auction.

Kobo, known for their eReader, donated funds to APJ for every IT Lounge celeb who signed up for the Trillion Minute Challenge.

SKYY Vodka, the official vodka of TIFF, donated funds for every celebrity who sipped on one of their official festival cocktails (the SKYY Wilde Ginger, Lively Temptress or Feelin’ Fiennes).

Stratusphere Living, a unique yoga and fitness line crafted by WWE women’s champion Trish Stratus, donated funds for every celebrity who visited the Lounge.

APJ has already built one school in Haiti and is already working on its expansion. To find out how you can get involved,click here.

IT Lounge: Day 6!

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A slew of fresh faces and new voices stopped by to visit NKPR’s pop-up gifting suite on day six of the film festival. It was a true girl’s day out as Jessica Tyler, Melinda Shankar, Samantha Munro, Alyssa Reid, Tattiawna Jones and Helene Joy got a peek at new fashion and beauty finds. Of course, the IT Lounge didn’t disappoint young male stars Munro Chambers, Shemar Charles and Jesse Labelle, who showed their support for official IT Lounge charities Artists for Peace and Justice (APJ) and Camp Oochigeas.

Though they each have their own unique style, Degrassi: The Next Generation cast mates Jessica Tyler, Melinda Shankar and Samantha Munro all scored fab fall finds from RW&CO., including red carpet-worthy jewel-toned dresses, flowy tops and chic accessories. They later hit Goody’s hair chair and marveled at how easy it was to use the brand’s Simple Styles Spin Pin and Trendy Twist.

Melinda Shankar, Samantha Munro and Jessica Tyler

Actress Tattiawna Jones (Flashpoint) indulged in Baker Street’s carrot cupcake with dreamy cream cheese icing. Though she doesn’t have to worry, the long-legged beauty will be working it off with new yoga and fitness gear she picked up from Stratusphere Living.

YouTube musical sensation Alyssa Reid followed her nose to ConScent’s line of luxury scented tees. Her pick? Their fresh apple-scented “I Love New York” style!

Tattiawna Jones tastes some Baker Street dessert   Alyssa Reid and a ConScent T-shirt

A few lucky listeners of 99.9 Virgin Radio won insider access to the IT Lounge and an exclusive tour alongside morning show hosts Maddog and Maura. Enjoying luxury transportation thanks to IT Lounge car partner Mercedes-Benz, the contest winners recovered from their amazing IT Lounge experience in the Great Gatsby-inspired oasis designed by Karen Sealy of Sealy Design Inc., stocking up on snacks from NKPR’s legendary IT Lounge candy bar and sipping on SKYY Vodka film festival cocktails and FIJI Water.

Inside the Fila suite, Jay “Maddog” Michaels picked up a new pair of classic Fila kicks in one of the season’s hottest colours – green.

Mad Dog, Maura and the Virgin Radio contest winners in the media lounge by Sealy Design

Jesse Labelle wearing House of Marley headphones

Up-and-coming singer/songwriter Jesse LaBelle took a pair of eco-friendly House of Marley headphones back to the studio. Maybe he’ll put them to use as he fine-tunes his next album, due out in 2012.

Tomorrow’s expected IT Lounge visitors? Mira Sorvino, Adam Brody, Polly Shannon, David Pelletier and more!

nkpr blog featured image dustin milligan

IT Lounge: Day 5!

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NKPR’s IT Lounge showed no signs of festival fatigue today! House of Marley’s DJ pumped out a steady stream of tunes, and FIJI Water was flowing as celebs dropped by to show their support for official IT Lounge charities Artists for Peace and Justice (APJ) and Camp Oochigeas.

So You Think You Can Dance judge Mia Michaels is taking a piece of Italian luxury back to L.A. The sleek metal strap on the brown and plum leather Coccinelle handbag she picked up works perfectly with her edgy style. But since she couldn’t squeeze all of her IT Lounge finds into her new bag, she took advance of car service provided courtesy of IT Lounge car partner Mercedez-Benz.

Mary Murphy tries a Coccinelle bag

Arriving just in time to enjoy SKYY Vodka’s IT Lounge cocktail hours (he sipped on a SKYY Vodka Lively Temptress), actor Dustin Milligan (Sisters and Brothers, 90210) tried on new fall fashion finds from RW&CO. and wouldn’t take off a charcoal grey newsboy cap.

Dustin Milligan tries a hat by RW&CO

Proving that even jocks need a good stretch once in a while, TSN sportscaster James Duthie took special interest in Trish Stratus’ new line of yoga and fitness equipment – Stratusphere Living – testing out a pair of weighted Fit Gloves.

James Duthie poses in Stratusphere gear

Actress Lauren Lee Smith (The Listener) had a blast at the IT Lounge beauty bar, sitting pretty for an Ardell Lashes application and a touch-up on her lips, before planting her pout on Stila’s “Kiss for a Cause” canvas. She also stocked up on G.M. Collin’s daily ceramide comfort capsules to help keep her skin soft and smooth.

Lauren Lee Smith gets Ardell lashes

Toronto-based musical talents Danny Fernandes and JRDN had something to sing about when they sampled Chocolate Banana Cake and Handcrafted Pies from Toronto-based dessert company Baker Street. The guys are sure to dance off those sweet calories in the stylish gear they picked up in Fila’s IT Lounge suite.

Danny Fernandes and JRDN tasting Baker Street desserts

Check out more photos from day five on Flickr!

Tomorrow’s expected IT Lounge visitors? Yasmin Warsame, Polly Shannon, the stars of Degrassi: The Next Generation, Shemar Charles and many more!

IT Lounge: Day 3 and 4!

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From Backstreet boy Howie D. to Toronto Blue Jays Brett Lawrie and JP Arencibia, celebs who visited the IT Lounge during the opening weekend of the film festival ate, drank and even danced inside the laidback lounge, all in support of official charities Artists for Peace and Justice (APJ) and Camp Oochigeas.


Arriving in style courtesy of car partner Mercedes-Benz, Academy Award-winning director Paul Haggis stopped by the IT Lounge for a second time on Sunday afternoon, bringing along DJ Tony Okungbowa (The Ellen Degeneres Show). Haggis chilled in the Great Gatsby-inspired lounge area created by Sealy Design Inc. DJ Tony was in town to support Artists for Peace and Justice, the charity founded by Haggis. He also spun at both TORO After Dark Benefiting APJ on Friday night, and the Academy for Peace and Justice Garden Lunch fundraiser on Saturday afternoon. Fans of DJ Tony’s turntable talent, House of Marley gifted the DJ with a one-of-a-kind pair of their eco-friendly headphones.

From Backstreet to Baker Street, Howie D. indulged his sweet tooth on Crème Brûlée cheesecake and Red Velvet torte before leaving with a selection of mini handcrafted pies.


After winning their afternoon game against the Baltimore Orioles on Saturday, Toronto Blue Jays players Brett Lawrie and JP Arencibia traded in their uniforms to hit a home run in the style department, thanks to RW&CO.’s fall collection for men. Lawrie was all about accessories – and left wearing a tartan-print skinny tie and charcoal grey newsboy cap. Arencibia opted for a classic black suit and paired it with slim fitting shirt.

JP Arencibia and Brett Lawrie in the RW&Co suite at the IT Lounge

Actor Dean McDermott (Tori & DeanEcstasy) couldn’t stop admiring his handsome mug in the mirror after sampling G.M. Collin’s new Phyto Stem Cell+ advanced anti-aging serum, saying his skin felt really smooth.

Being Erica star Erin Karpluk stocked up on Ardell Lashes before hitting Hello! Canada’s 5th anniversary red carpet and gala on Saturday night.

IMG_3817  Erin Karpluk at Ardell

Always glam popstar Keshia Chanté proclaimed “Stila is the only makeup I wear!” before sitting down to have her gorgeous lips touched up by a Stila pro makeup artist. She later planted her pucker (and her autograph) on a canvas for Stila’s “Kiss for A Cause” campaign. For every celebrity who visits the IT Lounge and participates, the beauty brand is donating to Camp Oochigeas, a local camp for children with cancer.

Keshia Chante tries Stila lipstick

Lauren Collins (Degrassi: The Next Generation) sniffed out an edgy, graphic tee from ConScent. The scent-infused luxury shirts come in a variety of styles and Collins fell for an off-the-shoulder, orange creamsicle-scented white tee printed with Je suis un tee-shirt parfumé. Ooh la la!

Touring the IT Lounge with his mom, actor Daniel DeSanto (Breakaway) showed off his Italian heritage in a vintage-inspired Fila jacket. Fila is also donating apparel and sports equipment to Camp Oochigeas for every IT Lounge celebrity who tweets using #filagivesback during their visit.

Lauren Collins checks out a ConScent T-shirt  Daniel DeSanto tries on a Fila hoodie

Brunette beauty Gabrielle Miller (Corner Gas, Brothers & Sisters) tried on a few luxury handbags from Coccinelle before deciding on a classic black tote with gold hardware. The brand is making its Canadian debut at the IT Lounge.

Gabrielle Miller tries on a Coccinelle bag

Check out more photos from the weekend on Flickr!

Tomorrow’s expected IT Lounge visitors? Adrian Grenier, Emily Blunt, Elizabeth Olsen, Danny Fernandes, JRDN, Tygh Runyan, Brad Dryborough and many more!

IT Lounge: Day 2!

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The IT Lounge continued to buzz with film festival fun on the second day of its weeklong run!

Academy Award-winning writer/director Paul Haggis (Crash, Million Dollar Baby, The Next Three Days) checked out the IT Lounge brands supporting his charity Artists for Peace and Justice, an organization that’s changing the lives of the children of Haiti by providing them with food, clean water, medical care and free education. Paul enjoyed all of the brands and took special interest in the latest touchscreen eReader from Kobo, a brand that’s donating funds to APJ for every celebrity who signs up for their Trillion Minute Challenge.

Paul Haggis gets into a Mercedes-Benz

Though So You Think You Can Dance Canada judges Jean Marc Généreux and Blake McGrath didn’t take advantage of hair stylist Brennen Demelo’s styling skills with Goody’s Simply Styles tools, they did ham it up in the brand’s photobooth. Goody is making a donation to IT Lounge official charity Camp Oochigeas for every celebrity who takes a photo.

Blake McGrath and Jean Marc Genereux at the Goody photobooth

Former NHL Goalie and Hockey Night in Canada broadcaster Kevin Weekes puckered up in Stila Long Wear Lip Color to make a truly beautiful contribution to the brand’s Kiss For A Cause initiative. They’re also making a donation to Camp Oochigeas on behalf of every celebrity who smooches and signs their IT Lounge canvas. (And the colour? It could only be “Outrageous”!)

Kevin Weekes gets his lips done for Stila's Kiss for a Cause

Dewy-skinned Canadian songstress Sarah Slean stocked up on G.M. Collin’s new Phyto Stem Cell+ line, and swooned for super soft leather handbags from new-to-Canada brand Coccinelle.

Sarah later met up with crooner Royal Wood and House of Marley’s line of eco-friendly headphones was music to their ears.

Sarah Slean and Royal Wood with their new House of Marley headphones

Toronto Maple Leafs Clarke MacArthur and Joffrey Lupul checked out Fila Skeletoes in the brand’s private suite. Maybe they’ll be put to use during training sessions for the upcoming season!

So You Think You Can Dance judge Mary Murphy looked like a hot tamale in the chic Simply You jewellery she picked up.

Mary Murphy checks out the goods at Simply You jewellery

Check out more photos from Day 2 on Flickr!

Tomorrow’s expected IT Lounge visitors? Colin Farrell, Morgan Spurlock, John Lydon, Camille Sullivan, Erin Karpluk, Lauren Collins, Gabrielle Miller and more! 

IT Lounge: Day 1

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Today we kicked off the start of the Toronto film festival today with the IT Lounge! Held September 8 to 14, NKPR headquarters has been transformed into a pop-up boutique loaded with star-worthy finds that all give back. Designer Karen Sealy, owner of Sealy Design Inc., created a garden-like media centre inspired by the Great Gatsby and the silver screen era.

IT Lounge doesn’t overlook those who in need, with celebrities and participating brands helping to raise awareness and funds for both global and local causes. Official charities of the IT Lounge include Artists for Peace and Justice (APJ), an organization that’s providing the Haiti’s poorest children with clean water, food, medical care and free education, and Camp Oochigeas, a privately funded, volunteer-based organization that provides kids with cancer and kids affected by childhood cancer with a unique opportunity for growth through challenging, fun, enriching and magical experiences.

The sitting lounge by Sealy Design
The Sitting lounge by Sealy Design

Opening day at the IT Lounge has always celebrated and welcomed Canadian talent. Here’s who stopped by today!

Pregnancy never looked so glam as Tara Spencer-Nairn (The Listener, Corner Gas) batting her Ardell lashes for the camera. G.M. Collin’s new Phyto Stem Cell+ skin care line will help her keep her pregnancy glow once the little one arrives.

Breakaway star Lee Rumohr and his fiancée got their feet in a pair of Fila’s coveted Skele-toes (which should make for a fun game of playing footsy!)

Lee Rumohr in the new Fila hoodie he picked out at the Fila Suite
Lee Rumohr picks out a new Fila hoodie

Though she didn’t need any help in the beauty department, Stila Cosmetics touched up gorgeous singer Mia Martina, who planted her pucker on a canvas in support of Camp Oochigeas.

Photographer Caitlin Cronenberg tried on multiple little black RW&CO. dresses in their private suite.

Caitlin Cronenberg checks out from the lounge, carried off by a Mercedes-Benz
Caitlin Cronenberg leaves the lounge, whisked away by a Mercedes-Benz

YouTube musical sensation Alyssa Reid got a red carpet coif courtesy of Goody’s new Simply Styles Trendy Twist and stylist Brennen Demelo.

Supermodel-turned-entrepreneur Monika Schnarre layered on glamorous Simply You jewellery.

Tech-savvy Lyriq Bent (Four Brothers, Rookie Blue) got his groove on thanks to House of Marley’s eco-friendly headphones, and couldn’t put down Kobo’s newest touch-screen eReader.

Tonya Lee Williams (The Young and the Restless) picked up Stratusphere Living weighted Fitgloves to amp up her workout.

Tonya Lee Williams enjoys House of Marley headphones
Tonya Lee Williams, loving House of Marley headphones

Raymond Alblack, Luke Bilyk and Alicia Josipovic (Degrassi: The Next Generation) followed their noses straight to ConScent, a new line of scented t-shirts in fun, retro prints.

The Property Brothers, Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott enjoyed a breakfast of champions – Baker Street cupcakes – before car sponsor Mercedes-Benz partner them to their next destination.

The Property Brothers in the Goody photobooth

While visiting the IT Lounge, Toronto Maple Leafs players Colby Armstrong and Tyler Bozak kept their cool with FIJI Water, Hollywood’s (and maybe hockey’s?) favourite water.

Jazz musician Matt Dusk wet his whistle with SKYY Vodka specialty cocktails created just for the film festival.

Colin Mochrie (Whose Line Is It Anyway?) and wife Debra McGrath (Little Mosque on the Prairie) will be enjoying some southern sun thanks to travel company Miami Escapes.

Stay tuned to see who visits the IT Lounge tomorrow! Want to see more photos of today’s IT Lounge celebrity guests? Check out our Flickr gallery!

NKPR Film Festival Guide: Part 3

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At NKPR, the film festival is our favourite time of year. And it’s not just because of the IT Lounge, our can’t-miss pop-up shop loaded with star-worthy finds, or the talented celebs who pay IT a visit.

It’s because the film festival shines a global light on our city, and we get to share it and show it off to the stars, the media and all the other visitors who settle in for the cinematic action.

Looking for the best spots to star gaze, hang out or get a hit of festival-worthy style? We know just the place!


From junket to junket to party to premiere, cover all grounds with these trendy tips.

Fall wears from RW&CO.

  • RW&CO. (IT Lounge and the Eaton Centre) – With private dressing rooms on site at the IT Lounge, an RW&CO. team on hand for one-on-one styling and dozens of chic style finds for men and women to choose from, RW&CO. has celebrities covered. We’ll be sharing celeb picks during the festival… stay tuned!
  • Fila (IT Lounge and Sporting Life, 2665 Yonge St.) – Fila is the ultimate sportswear with style. Perfect for when you need to kick off your heels or un-tie your tie after a long day of festival hijinks.
  • Simply You Jewelry (IT Lounge) – What elevates a basic black dress to star-worthy sheath? Glamourous gems of course! This year NKPRers (and celebs!) will be sporting stylish finds from Simply You.
  • The Room (The Bay, 176 Yonge St.) – The ultimate in high-end heritage. Check out The Room for stars on the hunt for haute Canadiana.



Just because you’re doing 18-hour days, doesn’t mean you have to look it. Keep fresh with these beauty boosts. After all, you never know where you might run into Mr. Gosling.

Pretty in Stila x2
Stila Cosmetics

  • Brennen Demelo Studio (316 Adelaide St.W.) – Brennen’s not just our neighbour, he’s our go-to guy for cool coifs. Hit him up for gala-worthy dos, or to copy the red-carpet styles of visiting celebs.
  • Ardell Lashes (IT Lounge Beauty Bar) – Lush lashes are a staple of the silver screen, and way more fun to flutter when you’re trying to catch the eye of George, Ryan and Brad.
  • Kiehl’s Since 1851 (407 Queen St.W.) – This A-list apothecary is stocked with skin care finds that combat too many late festival nights.
  • Stila (IT Lounge Beauty Bar) – Celebs will get trendy touch-ups at Stila’s IT Lounge location… and we’ll be taking notes on their beauty must-haves.
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