Beauty Besty’s Co-Founder on the Evolving Beauty Industry

April 27, 2020, 5:18 pm

Tell us a bit about yourself and what inspired you to launch Beauty Besty?

Beauty Besty is the product of my passion, education and experience of 14+ years in the beauty industry. I have had the privilege of working in some of the most sought-after hair salons in Bloor West Village, Yorkville and Forest Hill before opening my own mobile hair business in 2011. Back then, we did not have the digital means to connect and engage with clients the way we do now, so it was tricky! I recognized a void in the market for a platform designed to empower beauty pros to focus on what they love to do, which is connecting with clients. Beauty Besty is an all-in-one beauty app connecting independent beauty professionals and consumers/clients. As a business tool, it streamlines all the business needs in one convenient place for professionals. Beauty pros can effectively manage client communication, streamline scheduling, industry referrals, self-promotional marketing, billing/payments, bookkeeping while really shining for who THEY are, with our custom profile feature. Beauty Besty supports all beauty business models from home/on-demand, brick-and-mortar, home based salons, chair rentals, etc. Industry colleagues, wedding planners, photographers, etc. can also use this app to book artists. It really is a way to give your clients a booking experience and turn leads you may get on social media into sales. Beauty Besty is subscription based and lets beauty pros keep 100% of their sales earnings. Beauty professionals use our app as a way to run and grow their entire business or as a complementary effort to their marketing.

What differentiates Beauty Besty from other beauty apps in the market?

Beauty Besty is the first beauty business tool that is a public app. For less than $1.40 per day beauty professionals can consolidate their business needs while engaging with their current clients, but also reach new consumers who can browse professionals’ profiles on the app . Beauty Besty is the only beauty app on the market that empowers independent beauty professionals, having a custom profile which spotlights their beauty business and artist for their portfolio, independent working scheduling, individualized pricing, promotional ad banners, services, and service description/instructions, biography and so much more. As well, to date we are the only beauty app worldwide with a built in-app GPS for mobile beauty professionals. This makes it convenient to stay connected while your beauty professional is en route, and convenient to “send” beauty to a loved one. As a company, Beauty Besty offers unlimited 1:1 online training to ensure the comfort of every beauty professional. We are the only beauty app on the market which allows the consumer to hand pick their beauty professional, rather than just booking for a service. With our endless features, I really feel we embody the best aspects of every “business tool” you would want to empower your beauty business.

In the time of COVID-19, how is Beauty Besty supporting beauty professionals in the industry?

Our goal will always be to empower and support beauty professionals – we continue to stand with our beloved beauty industry more than ever during this time. As a start-up company, we have waived all fees during quarantine for the beauty businesses who currently use our app. As well, we are offering 3-month free memberships to all Ontario beauty professionals who register their beauty business by April 30th. All free memberships will kick-off post-quarantine and in the meantime, Beauty Besty is creating profiles and offering 1:1 online training to ensure all beauty professionals are ready on the app once we are back to work. We continue to make an active effort to engage with our beauty industry we have been posting blog features regularly which support beauty professionals and offer words of enlightenment, encouragement and support during this time #beautybestytogether. In addition, on April 9th, I hosted a free masterclass open to all beauty professionals which was a great success! The Mobile Masterclass was curated to inspire, educate and empower beauty professionals on ways to pivot not pause amidst these times as well as offer insight to the daily life of a “mobile beauty professional” including how to ensure your beauty kit and tools are ergonomical.

If a customer has never used a mobile beauty platform before for their service, what can they expect when their beauty pro arrives at their house? (i.e. is there anything a customer can do to prepare?)

All of the beauty professionals on the Beauty Besty app are independent business owners, as such they all have their own experience. This is one reason why we are so proud of our customer Beauty Besty professional profiles. Here, you’ll be able to discover beauty pros but also find all service details and instructions before booking. Have any specific questions? Use our built-in app chat system to text inspiration photos or ask questions with your beauty professional!

For when we’re out of COVID-19 physical distancing measures, what advice would you give to beauty professionals who are considering working mobile for the first time?

Like any business, you need a plan! Knowing that YOU are the reason your clients love you and adopting a motivational mindset that you already are your own boss. Your brand, your craft, your personality, your skill are all reasons why your clients chose you. You are your own brand. How you translate that brand into a business plan is crucial. Ensure you organize yourself so you can provide professionalism without compromising quality. Using products that reflect your pricing, having an organized set up and cleanup is key! Be realistic with your pricing. Don’t compare your mobile business model to that of a brick-and-mortar because they really are so different.

Adopt a pricing recipe that takes your time, travel, supplies into consideration. More than not, it will be in line with what you charged at the salon if you were making the industry standard 60/40 split. I used to get asked if I missed all of the excitement at the salon. The truth is going somewhere different every day is just as exciting, if not more. As an entrepreneur of any business, it is important to value your time. Having a tool like Beauty Besty which promotes prepaid appointments with a cancelation policy values your time but also takes away any intimidation from being your “own salon receptionist.” As well, allows you to have clients pre-book your next appointment prior to you leaving.

*Beauty Besty is currently offering a complimentary, three-month free subscription to Ontario-wide freelance beauty pros to help empower their beauty businesses in this sensitive time. Ontario freelance professionals can begin having their custom profile created by signing up by April 30th by clicking here.

*Note: Beauty Besty will be closely monitoring government direction in this ever changing sensitive situation and will continue to look to federal, provincial and local health authorities to determine an appropriate date to activate profiles and accept beauty reservations. In the meantime, Beauty Besty can create your custom profile online so when we are all back to work your three month subscription will begin.