NKPR's First Official Location

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PHOTOS CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: The first official NKPR office at 179 John Street, front entrance, waiting area and, original NKPR logo.

Rebecca Kogon, Manager of Strategic Partnerships and New Business Development at NKPR recalls her first day in the office:

“When I first started at NKPR, we were at the office on John street. There were twelve of us on the team and I was given a desirable desk location in the kitchen. It was a high-top “desk” sandwiched between the microwave and the fridge.

Already nervous to begin the job that I had coveted so much, I saw how fast paced it was (I started right around film festival, so everyone was beyond swamped) and I was completely terrified of Natasha (who at the time thought my name was Jennifer and I was too nervous to correct her). I watched her go from meeting to interview, to meeting to event without batting an eyelash. Once we made it through festival, and I got to know Natasha (and she learned my name!), my fear of her subsided and instead evolved into respect and admiration for the type of business leader and person she was and is today.”

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