NKPR Launches Digital Division

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PHOTO: First 10 tweets by @Natashankpr.

Natasha talks about the start of NKPR’s social media and the digital division:

“It all started with Twitter. I was bored one night in March 2009. I remember thinking, what is this Twitter thing?  It was before agencies had accounts but people like Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were pretty active on it. I started to play around with it and tried to set up an account under @Natasha but that was taken so I thought I’d try @NatashaNKPR because it’s me and it’s my company. The handle stuck and now we use it for all our platforms.

Shortly after, we officially launched a digital division dedicated to social media and website development. At the time, we were ahead of the curve and it made sense because Twitter and Facebook were the main user platforms and social media was relatively new for brands who were cautious to make it part of their marketing plans.

Fast forward to 2017, NKPR is verified on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and social media has become an integrated part of every strategy that we create for our clients. The worlds of digital and PR have become fully intertwined as the media landscape has changed and social media has become a proven tool for brands.”

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