Goody at the IT Lounge

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PHOTO: Retro-style photo booth at the Goody IT Lounge activation in 2011 with NKPR team members: Cat Richens and Bunmi Adeoye, Bunmi Adeoye and Natasha Koifman, Kristin Newbigging and Bunmi Adeoye.

Goody first partnered with NKPR in 2008 as a sponsor of the IT Lounge at the Windsor Arm’s Hotel. So pleased with the awareness generated through the media results and the awareness from the experiential styling pop-up for editors on-the-go, they retained NKPR on a full-time basis. To this day, Goody continues to work with NKPR on select projects, including our NKPR15 Limited Edition TopBox, where the brand will offer subscribers their classic StayPut elastics.

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