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PHOTO: Lark-Marie Anton and Natasha Koifman

Lark-Marie Anton, Chief Communications Officer, Endurance International Group (formerly of Loews Hotels & Resorts), recalls how she first connected with Natasha and NKPR:

Working with Natasha during my time at Loews Hotels & Resorts was quite simply inspiring. She really has that “je ne sais quoi” that makes for impactful relationships in an industry that has evolved to digital platforms. Communications is fundamentally about personal engagement and telling a story that resonates. Natasha knows what being ‘social’ truly means. Working with Natasha and the NKPR team proved to me that there are still agencies that know how to treat clients like partners and really understand the needs of the business beyond getting hits. I used to be a client, and now I’m part of the family. Natasha has become a dear friend and someone I deeply treasure.

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