Haiti Visit 2016

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PHOTO: Natasha Koifman and Suzanne Boyd in Haiti 2016.

Suzanne Boyd, Editor-in-Chief, ZOOMER Magazine, shares how she first made a connection with Natasha Koifman and NKPR:

“My favourite memories of Natasha start with her fragrance, Twentysix which she created to benefit Artists for Peace and Justice. It is a wonderful scent that was an act of storytelling. It gave me a deeper understanding of APJ and the great service they provide for the children in Haiti, one of the most deprived communities in the Western Hemisphere. I traveled with Natasha to Haiti to see the work firsthand and as a Canadian of Creole descent this touched my heart in a profound way. Natasha invited me to co-chair the annual APJ gala with her and I have been continually inspired by her commitment and generosity. She is not only a brilliant businesswoman but a beautiful soul. Happy 15th.”


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