Natasha and David Belle of APJ

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PHOTO: Natasha Koifman and David Belle, CEO of APJ.

Natasha talks about her connection with the APJ team:

“Through our work together over the years, the APJ team has become an extension of the NKPR family. I always look forward to having David stay at my place during film festival but one of my favourite memories is from 2012. I remember coming home from the APJ Gala, it was a luncheon that year at the University of Toronto. David was hanging out with a few friends in my kitchen. Win Butler, Regine Chassagne and Marika Anthony-Shaw from Arcade Fire were there (they’d headlined the APJ Gala that year and have been huge supporters of APJ). Before I arrived, they couldn’t figure out how to use the stereo so they were playing music on a small bluetooth speaker that they’d found in my son’s room. The result was this laid back, genuinely spontaneous party (but not a party – everyone was drinking tea) vibe that came from a shared connection with the cause, the success of the event, and knowing that the money raised would make a real impact on the kids in Haiti.”

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