Nicole Manes: 10 Years with NKPR

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PHOTO: Nicole Manes holding an Olympic Gold medal at the NKPR office.

Nicole Manes, former Account Manager at NKPR remembers her 10 years with the agency:

“It’s almost impossible to pick just one favourite memory after a decade of working with Natasha and brilliant colleagues, but I do look back fondly to when I joined the agency in 2006 and we were a team of just five people! To know that I have been a part of contributing to Natasha’s vision and the agency’s success will always make me proud.

Natasha has been an instrumental mentor to me. From day one I have been inspired by and in awe of her determination, creativity, resilience and fearlessness to take risks, stay ahead of the curve and push the limits of what others think is possible. I have learned more from her than I can easily summarize here.

I will always be grateful for the chance she took on me all those years ago. I am thankful to her and the special people that have been a part of my life as a result. Congratulations on 15 years, #NKFAM! Here’s to continued success and boundary-busting!!”

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