AstraZeneca: At My Best Campaign

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PHOTO: Meet Rae! She was the “star” of At My Best a school-based wellness program that was supported by NKPR’s client, AstraZeneca.

Supported by AstraZeneca and developed by a team of educators with expertise in physical education, health education, nutrition and children’s wellness, At My Best, a school-based wellness program, encouraged kids to be physically, nutritionally and mentally healthy.

NKPR worked with AstraZeneca to develop, test, launch and roll out the program in schools across Canada. Rae made appearances at schools, at national play days and at major league sporting events.

Rae encouraged the ABC’s: Ability (to make choices, to try new things, and to ask for help), Belonging (being included, including others, and understanding how we are the same, while we celebrate our differences), and Caring (respect and consideration for self and others).

Rae made kids shine, just like her!

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