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PHOTO: New York City horizon.

NKPR opened the office in New York City in 2007. Mitch Grossbach, CEO of MJG/Fashion, LLC in New York City (former SVP of Sales and Strategic Partnerships at FORD Models) remembers his first meeting with Natasha:

“Ten years ago, when I first met Natasha, and she was only five years into starting NKPR, she came in to my office at Ford Models carrying a black bag that was the most beautiful I’d ever seen. Note: I was relatively new to the world of fashion back then, so I was not familiar with how special this particular bag was. Natasha noticed I was staring at this bag in amazement, and she giggled and said, “You seem intrigued by my bag.” I replied, “It’s really nice, what is it?” She then explained it was the Hermes Birkin bag, named after Jane Birkin. I asked if it was popular and she answered, “You have to wait over a year to get one, if you are lucky enough to get one”.

I then asked her if I could borrow this bag, and I proceeded to toss it around my arm (incorrectly I’m sure, as I hadn’t had much prior practice) and walk through our offices on the main floor. I walked up to Gina (Head of Ford’s Artists Division at the time) and said, “Hey, do you like this bag? I just bought it for my wife and hope it was a good choice.” Gina’s jaw dropped and she stood up from her desk abruptly and said, “WTF you couldn’t possibly have gotten one of those! And in fact, I can’t believe you even have one as I’ve never met anyone that had one before!” I then explained that it was really a loaner and that some fancy PR lady in our conference room let me borrow it to show it around the office. Gina said, “You really shouldn’t be touching it!”

So, I returned the bag to Natasha, told her it was a hit around the office and proceeded to hire NKPR to help Ford Models with PR/media and overall activation strategy in New York City. Needless to say, that was my first, and last experience touching Natasha’s bag!”

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