Olena and Dsquared2

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PHOTO: Dean and Dan Caten with Lauren Cohen (left) and Olena Gisys (right).

Olena Gisys, Senior Account Executive at NKPR shares a memorable moment working at NKPR:

“I have so many amazing memories, but my first IT Lounge in 2014 was very special as we had every major celebrity coming to visit us. Our office was buzzing with excitement! Lauren Cohen and I walked Dean and Dan Caten (the Dsquared2 brothers) through the IT Lounge.. I remember introducing them to DAVIDsTEA and we had a really great time chatting!  A few hours later I realized that my phone was missing. I kept calling, but nobody was picking up. And then one of the brothers answered the phone! Apparently, I dropped it in one of their bags – I swear I didn’t do this on purpose! Luckily they hadn’t left town yet and were kind enough to arrange a time for me to pick up my phone.”

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