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PHOTO: Natasha Koifman and Jamie Haggarty at the #SIMTECHSHOW, an annual showcase of technology.

Jamie Haggarty, President and CEO of SIM Group remembers how he first met Natasha:

Aside from gaining a permanent friendship with Natasha, a favourite memory of mine is how we met. Natasha represented a client of NKPR on a high-profile project (a made for TV-special) and I was her executive contact responsible for producing and broadcasting the project. My side made a rather large mistake on the project and it went to air and it did not reflect well on NKPR’s client. This is where Natasha showed her true colours. Natasha took the time to understand the root cause of the problem, she did a lot of listening, always kept her cool, and worked out a resolution that was acceptable to her client. Natasha’s professionalism in that experience proved that if I could ever become a client of hers, I would.  A few years later, I proudly became a client of Natasha’s and her terrific team at NKPR and I have benefited from her counsel and support since.

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