Rebecca and James Franco

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PHOTO: Rebecca Kogon walks James Franco on APJ red carpet in the rain.

Rebecca Kogon, Manager of Strategic Partnerships and New Business Development at NKPR shares one of her favourite memories:

“It was in 2010 – it was my second film festival and my assigned task for the night was media check-in, while observing how talent get walked down a carpet so I could assist with future events. I was standing to the side, when it suddenly started to rain. James Franco had just walked up, and being the closest in proximity to an umbrella, I picked it up and held it over him so he wouldn’t get wet. I looked over at the team who signalled that I should just go for it, so I walked him from interview to interview, even helping him where he didn’t know the answers to questions. I ended up being his handler for the entire night, a task that I really, really, really enjoyed.”

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