Rita Zekas: Memorable Moments

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PHOTO: Profile of Natasha written by Rita Zekas for the Toronto Star. Read full article here.

Rita Zekas, former Toronto Star Entertainment and Fashion Columnist shares her favourite memory of working with Natasha and NKPR:

“All my experiences working with Natasha and NKPR have been memorable, even schlepping out to the office on a bright sunny Labour Day to do a walk-up feature for TIFF. All those women — including moi — toiling on a holiday and not grumbling. Well, maybe I was grumbling…  But what really stands out is an interview in her magnificent home (those Damien Hirst and Bert Stern pieces are so gobsmacking) where Natasha previewed her TIFF wardrobe — all in black of course. It was like being in the personal shopper area of Barneys in New York. All that was missing was a salesperson.”

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