Tory Nash and Karlie Kloss

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PHOTO: Karlie Kloss and Tory Nash at the 2016 CAFAs.

Tory Nash, Account Executive at NKPR shares one of his favourite memories:

“This photo was taken at the 2016 CAFA Awards. It all started when Galen Weston Jr. needed to get to the ballroom but didn’t want to stop for the step and repeat. I overheard his PR team talking about it and showed them a bypass that allowed him to enter the ballroom unnoticed.

The same year, Karlie Kloss was presenting the Joe Fresh Fashion Innovation award and was a guest of honour at Galen Weston Jr.’s table. The Joe Fresh PR team was so happy for my assistance earlier in the night that when I asked them if I might be so bold as to ask for a photo with Karlie they were TOTALLY fine with it (usually it’s a HUGE no-no if you’re working in PR to just ASK the talent for a photo, but I figured since I did them a favour there was no harm in asking).

Luckily Karlie was also fine with it, in fact I got a GOOD laugh out of her when, as the photo was being snapped I stated, “Eat your heart out Derek Blasberg!” (Coles Notes: they are best friends and both from St. Louis).”

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