Twentysix for APJ

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PHOTO: Natasha holding custom fragrance, TWENTYSIX for APJ.

For her second collaboration, Natasha Koifman partnered with custom scent experts Aromachology to create a new fragrance, TWENTYSIX, which launched fall of 2015 in support of Artists for Peace and Justice.

“Collaborating with Aromachology was a natural fit based on our likeminded passion for philanthropy. We both wanted to develop a product timed for holiday that would truly be the gift that gives back,” says Natasha Koifman. “The signature scent was named TWENTYSIX because it is not only a number that holds a lot of meaning in my life, but combines 26 ingredients including one directly sourced from Haiti. Every day I am in awe of the kids of Haiti and their unbreakable spirit and I am so grateful to be able to share what comes from this beautiful country.”

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