Yulia's Path to NKPR

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PHOTO: Looking up at Casa Loma from the red carpet at the APJ Gala.

Yulia Balinova, Account Coordinator at NKPR talks about her path to NKPR:

“I first learned about NKPR when I was a high school student in Russia, researching Artists for Peace and Justice for a school project. Reading about the work that NKPR does for the organization and Natasha’s personal involvement, I was inspired to one day be a part of the agency in some way.

I ended up moving to Toronto for school a couple of years later and got a part-time job at the Scotiabank Movie Theatre. Even though the theatre is located right around the corner from the NKPR office it wasn’t on my usual route until one day when I decided to make detour. I immediately recognized the logo and said to myself, “maybe one day”.

Long story short, when the time came to apply for an internship I submitted my resume.  Three years later, I was standing in front of Casa Loma during the annual APJ Gala, as an Account Coordinator at NKPR, approaching my two-year anniversary with the company. “Who knew”, I thought.”

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