NKPR celebrates Stork & Babe with a Babymoon!

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NKPR hosted our first Babymoon last Thursday to celebrate the birth of the latest Thyme Maternity collection, Stork & Babe! We were joined by Moms-to-be and media guests to preview the beautiful collection of runway-inspired pieces set to hit stores this fall. Suffice to say everyone was blown away by the classic, Alexander Wang-meets-Rick Owens line, with lots of guests remarking “I wish this was around when I was pregnant!” Our Babymoon included crave-curing treats (deep fried pickles and make-your-own soft serve ice cream, anyone?), as well as a beautifully presented fashion show, curated by the stylish Liz Cabral! We’ve got our eye on a few pieces ourselves, which is what makes the collection so appealing; the collection is perfect for before, during and after pregnancy!
















Say Something: August 13

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At NKPR we always strive to be on the cusp of what’s happening and what’s new. After all – our motto is “Don’t just talk. Say something.”  Check out our weekly summary of the latest news, PR updates, social media trends and highlights that are on our radar.

On our fashion radar…VFiles, a fashion-focused site that combines content from professional editors as well as user-generated content, plans to stage a “User Generated” fashion show for New York Fashion Week. This first-ever initiative will feature 3 up-and-coming designers from the VFiles online community, offering them a unique opportunity to gain exposure in the industry. A great initiative that engages and rewards followers while leveraging the growing influence of online communities. [Business of Fashion]

We’ve got VSCO on our radar. The ‘anti-Instagram’ app functions as a visual journal, a platform to showcase images in a grid format that can be filtered and shared on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook using the hashtag #viscocam. The app offers both professional and amateur photographers a unique, efficient way of presenting their portfolios. This is a great example of innovation; the designers of VSCO are building on an existing idea (photo sharing) yet putting their own spin on it that differentiates it from other photo-sharing apps. Kudos! [Fast Company]

Speaking of Instagram…it’s amazing how much change we’ve witnessed in the social media landscape within the past 6 months. The newest Instagram update allows users to import pre-existing videos with basic editing. This translates into editorial-quality video sharing, something that brands like The Gap and Lulu Lemon are leveraging. This new addition offers even more opportunities for brands to reach out to consumers. [Tech Crunch]

Now you can book your next dinner reservation with the help of Facebook mobile and OpenTable. Such a collaboration signals Facebook’s efforts to innovate and compete with search engines like Google, as well as leverage the growing trend in consumer mobile use. The feature also encourages companies to invest in Facebook by paying for promoted posts and buying likes; the app increases the investment’s ROI. It’s great to see Facebook coming up with offerings that differentiate it from other social media outlets, namely Twitter. [Entrepreneur]


Office Chatter: 5 Minutes With Sam

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The latest office chatter? We sat down with Account Coordinator Sam to chat about her experience working at NKPR, as well as some of our favourite topics of conversation (fashion, music and food anyone?)

How did you get into PR?

After taking Communications at Laurentian University, I had a few options for my post grad. PR seemed to fit the most with my personality and what I enjoyed most about Communications. After graduating I was an intern at NKPR and the rest is history!

What’s your favourite lunch spot in the area?

I’m currently obsessed with Fresh – I love their soups. I go so often that they have stopped asking for my name when I place my order.

Describe your typical outfit at the office.

I usually wear a dress, anything by Free People.

What beauty product could you not live without?

I really like Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 in the coconut flavor.

You’re alone on an island and can only bring 3 items. What would you bring?

Definitely sunscreen, candy because I can’t live without it and my running shoes.

If you could shop any celebrity wardrobe, whose closet would you raid?

Kate Bosworth.

Your favourite trend for the summer?

A flowy dress and boots. 

 What is your favourite book?

The Witches or Fantastic Mr. Fox – I have a soft spot for Roald Dahl.

Favourite quote?

“Imperfection is in some way essential to all that we know in life”.

 The best thing about working at NKPR.

The amazing team that I get to work with and learn from everyday.

Pinterest or Instagram?


 Favourite comfort food?

I love candy, popcorn and nachos.

 Song you have on repeat.

Beach House – Wild and The National – Secret Meeting.

 The best accessory a girl can wear is…

Her smile!

Sam’s Essentials


Say Something: July 26

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At NKPR we always strive to be on the cusp of what’s happening and what’s new. After all – our motto is “Don’t just talk. Say something.”  Check out our weekly summary of the latest news, PR updates, social media trends and highlights that are on our radar.

As if you didn’t already know, Kate & Will welcomed Prince George Alexander Louis on July 23. We’re interested in how this effects commerce, specifically the fashion industry; Kate sported a maternity dress by Jenny Packham whose website crashed within an hour of the royal couple’s appearance with baby George. It didn’t stop there; frantic shoppers turned to ‘Copy-Kates’ of the dress, with Google witnessing a massive surge in searches for ‘polka dot’ and ‘blue dress’. The power of celebrity influence! [Ottawa Citizen]

The state of the U.S economy has been a hot topic in social media with both the new McDonald’s budget fiasco and Detroit bankruptcy announcement. Two examples on different scales that highlight the same thing: from part-time employees to major cities, the repercussions are being felt by all. [Forbes & Toronto Star]

Good news for the publishing world: Vogue has experienced it’s second largest September issue ever, which leads us to question…is print really dead? With tablet use also on the rise, we’re interested to see whether print will indeed make a comeback.  [Mashable]

Toronto Hydro’s latest PR campaign has all the right ingredients for success: It’s informative, useful and creative. It’s great to see companies thinking outside the box when it comes to promoting a campaign or idea; Toronto Hydro has successfully made the task of conserving energy fun, engaging and appealing. [Marketing Mag]

Say Something: July 15

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At NKPR we always strive to be on the cusp of what’s happening and what’s new. After all – our motto is “Don’t just talk. Say something.”  Check out our weekly summary of the latest news, PR updates, social media trends and highlights that are on our radar.

With a price tag of $12.4 billion, Loblaw has purchased Shoppers Drug Mart; this is huge news in Canadian business! What does this mean for the two brands? We’re excited to see what direction this collaboration takes. [CBC]

So…what makes for a successful YouTube ad? Learn from the best with this compilation of the most popular ads in Canada. Ask yourself questions like what do these successes have in common…successfully engaging impatient YouTube viewers is a huge feat for brands. [Marketing Mag]

How does a B-lister TV-movie like Sharknado gain overnight Hollywood status? Twitter. This is an unknown-feat for a TV movie and showcases the power of celebrity influence. [Mashable]

Cameron Russell speaks of her career as a model as a result of ‘winning the genetic lottery’; her tell-all approach to the industry has lead to her newest project, Interrupt Mag, created to give women a voice that challenges the media’s beauty standards. A very inspiring story with a unique perspective.  [Huffington Post]

Say Something: June 24

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At NKPR we always strive to be on the cusp of what’s happening and what’s new. After all – our motto is “Don’t just talk. Say something.”  Check out our weekly summary of the latest news, PR updates, social media trends and highlights that are on our radar.

It’s been a month of changes for Facebook; video for Instagram, photo comments on Facebook…and now a soon-to-be-released  Flipbook-like News Reader. With the recent surge in social media innovation, marketers and agencies need to respond by evolving at the same pace to stay current.  [Mashable]

Sephora witnessed 60% of their sales attributed to Pinterest; to quote Social Media Today, “Words tell, but images sell”. This has huge implications for boosting sales…brands take note.  [ZOG Digital]

The much anticipated Bling Ring came out this weekend, a film that exemplifies today’s trend of turning everyday individuals into celebrities, in this case teenage thieves. Love it or hate it, the story highlights our culture’s obsession with celebrity and fame. Get the full background on the story behing The Bling Ring here. [The Globe and Mail]

Marketing Magazine and Google have paired up in a collaboration to feature monthly previews of the most-watched Youtube videos. This is a great resource for anyone interested in marketing or PR, and presents a useful summary of what makes a video successful. [Marketing]


Tech Talk: Creating a blog for your brand

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Wake up!

It’s 2012 and blogging is no longer a mystery medium, but rather an amazing tool for personal and corporate use! Blogs have become a placeholder for news, videos, photos and contesting. Blogging for your brand can allow you to monitor conversations and further promote your products and services successfully.

Generating site traffic

It’s now common to use agencies with digital media services to grow blog audiences by building creative campaigns with long-term management plans. As a result of your blog’s popularity, clicks will drive traffic back to your product page. You can further promote growth by sharing across social networks.

Why it’s beneficial for brands?

A well-managed blog provides a rich user experience when compared to brand corporate sites. The key for building a fan base is providing a well-supported and maintained blog with unique, relevant content. Take We-Vibe for instance, their blog is a great outlet to promote the We-Vibe 3 by sharing content such as their weekly “We-Vibe Position of the Week” post or articles on sexual wellness. This content can then be leveraged by sharing on Twitter and Facebook which drives more traffic to the corporate site. Over time the brand will increase in social media presence, so it’s crucial to use a professional service for ongoing customer retention during, before and after a campaign.

Types of blogs

Wordpress is one of the most popular blogging platforms. This free open source platform offers self-hosting and plugins making it a scalable solution. You can also create a free account on wordpress.com.

Google’s Blogger is another platform that lets you publish content from Microsoft Word, Google Docs and Windows Live Writer with drag and drop actions. It integrates with your Gmail tools such as the new Google+.

Tumblr is a blogging platform that keeps simplicity in mind. Tumblr gives you the power to share almost anything you want, post text, photos, quotes, links, music and video. You can share media from your phone, desktop and email. NKPR’s Tumblr page provides live shots of events.

SquareSpace offers custom domain names at a monthly rate. You can build, customize and manage your blog with their built-in controls. There is also an app for the iPhone & iPad for their platform.

Ultimately there are many online platforms to publish your brand’s blog, but keep in mind, the most important factor is how great the content is. Harness the power of sharing information by getting a blog for your brand.

– André Morgan