Fila walks into the Bata Shoe Museum’s exhibit “Out of the Box: The Rise of the Sneaker Culture”

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On Saturday September 28, 2013 Fila Canada celebrated the introduction of Grant Hill’s 1996 Olympic sneaker into the Out of the Box: The Rise of the Sneaker Culture exhibit at the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, which features legendary sneakers from 1860 to present day. It was an exciting, much-anticipated event that celebrated one of our biggest obsessions…shoes!

This iconic Grant Hill II sneaker, which is signed by the basketball legend himself, is the actual sneaker Hill wore in the 1996 Olympic games where he and his American teammates beat out the Yugoslavian team to take home the gold medal! Its other half lives in the Fila Museum in Italy – the country where the historic brand originated in 1911. We’re big supporters of brands with a rich history and proud to see Fila Canada receive this honour.

The event drew an energetic, diverse crowd, including influencers like the former footwear design director for the Jordan Brand and the current founder of Pensole Footwear Design Academy D’Wayne Edwards, hosts of TSNs talk show “1on1” Duane Watson and Will Strickland, co-founders of Toronto Loves Kicks Lee Joseph and Dion Walcott, and many more ‘sneakerheads’.  

We always love to hear about unique Toronto events, especially those that celebrate our love of shoes! The exhibit, which was launched in April 2013, is the first in North America dedicated to the history of the sneaker, running now until March 2014!

Check out the video from the party – such a great event!

The IT List: January 6

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Did you make a New Year’s resolution this year? This week’s IT List celebrates the start of 2012! Our prediction so far… it’s going to be an amazing year!

New Year’s Eve may have passed, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop celebrating. Tasty holiday drinks from SKYY Vodka, Campari, and Cabo Wabo Tequila  are sure to keep the party going all year long. [Toronto Sun]

We are loving Pantone’s 2012 Colour of the Year! (note Tangerine Tango filled blog post below) Stay on-trend with this sheer blouse from RW&CO.’s spring collection! [Toronto Sun]

One of  the most common New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight and get fit! But you don’t have to kill yourself in the gym to get results. Introduce walking into your routine to kickstart your fitness goals! Our favourite walking shoe – the very cool Fila Skeletoes! [Insert Magazine]

Bling in the New Year with essie Luxeffects polishes! The sparkle doesn’t have to stop after New Year’s Eve and these essie polishes will help you shine throughout 2012! [Beauty Connexion]

Vote for Your Fave Fila T-Shirt

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Most of us have dreamed of designing (okay, maybe just owning!) a custom-piece of clothing: the ultimate pair of pumps, the perfect little black dress or jeans that hug in all the right places.

To celebrate their 100th anniversary, our friends at Fila Canada are letting fans put their stamp on another wardrobe essential. The t-shirt!

During the month of June, Fila fans submitted innovative t-shirt designs for a chance to win exclusive access to a celebrity gifting suite and share their limited-edition t-shirt design with the stars of the Toronto film festival.

Well, the designs are in and now it’s your turn to help change the face of Fila!

fila t-shirt design contest entrants

Until Thursday, July 7, vote for your favourite design once per day to help select ten contest finalists. From those ten finalists, one grand prize winner will be selected by Fila Canada.

Voting is easy! Just click on over to the Fila Facebook page to check out the t-shirt designs and choose the one you’d want to wear.

We’ll keep you posted on the winner.

Who we’re following right now!

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Most of us at NKPR are addicted to Twitter. In fact, we’re even kind of competitive about who has the most followers. Every now and then I’ll hear someone excitedly yelp out a number — “354!” — followed by applause, cheering and a challenge to try, if you dare, to “beat that.”

So, as you can imagine, we’ve assembled a nice (although far from complete!) list of favourite Tweeters, err, Twitterers, Twitterati? Anyways, here’s a sample of who we’re following on Twitter right now and why we <3 them.

Brittany: @AndyWarholSays. Warhol always had the best quotes. And when I’m looking for a fashion fix I go to @RWandCO. They post cool behind-the-scenes photos and contests.

Emily: @toromagazine gives me valuable “male brain” insight. I also follow @mindykaling, a TV writer hero of mine (The Office) and a master of the ironic hashtag. Mindy’s great because she doesn’t re-tweet too much, which annoys me — she just posts hilarious original thoughts.

Heather: A tweeter is only as good as their 140-character bio. Judy Blume’s stream? Not as favourable as her books. But her bio? Enviable.

Kaley: @peoplesrev. Kelly Cutrone is pure bad@ss: “You know where happy people end up? On welfare.” #socool

Kristin: @SKYYSpirits. They always have amazing drink recipes! Perfect for new patio cocktail ideas!

Laycee: @ispeakfemale. Because girls have to stick together!!! and the tweets are quotes that every girl should read once in their life! I also like @FollowAMB because the messages are so positive and inspiring.

Andrea: @mashable. Because he always tweets the most interesting information. I’m also a fan of @fila_100 because of the amazing giveaways.

Thary: @StephenAtHome. His tweets always make me laugh.

André: @ralphmarston. A daily dose of motivational messages you can relate to. They are always worthy of a re-tweet.

Aimee: @hypem. The hype machine. It helps me build my rad work-day playlists. And, because it’s summer, @andrea__pro. Great tips, tricks and contests.

Me: @MSiddiqi, @netaporter@nathat, @lisatant… Way too many to list!

Who is your favourite Tweeter? Tweet me @natashankpr


It’s T-shirt Time

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For today’s Friday Fun Blog post, we’re celebrating the return of summer and the T-shirt! (There really isn’t a better symbol of warm weather, is there?) I gave my staff a 60-second time limit and this assignment: design your Official T-Shirt for Summer 2011. Here’s what they came up with:

Jordan’s private island getaway and Aimee’s ice cream dream.

Andrea’s tree of life and Heather’s abstract expressionism.

Katy’s wonderful wiener dog and Emily’s weak political statement.

Kaley’s a Queen in cotton and Brittany’s no white stripes.

André’s… (actually, I have no idea what this is) and Jenna’s got her eye on you.

Rebecca’s “this was supposed to be leopard print” and Jeannette’s rock star tag line.


Laycee’s sunset-hugging palm trees and Kristin’s seeing stars.

Which t-shirt is your favourite? Tweet me @natashankpr

By the way, if you want to get serious about t-shirt design, visit the Fila 100 Anniversary microsite. On it, you’ll find details about the Fila t-shirt design contest with amazing prizes to be won! (The standard is higher than on this blog — FYI! :))

Have a great weekend,