Urban Beekeeping at Square One

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This upcoming Monday, Square One Shopping Centre in Mississauga is hosting an exclusive event to launch their new sustainability initiative, featuring urban beekeeping! Yes, beekeeping! The Square One rooftop will now be home to four beehives, in an effort to support the growth of their population. It’s amazing to see Square One making use of *all* space, and giving these bees a new home!

To help kick-start the initiative, Square One will be partnering with health and wellness superstar Steph Shep, and Nike trainer, Eva Redpath, including a free body conditioning and flow class led by Eva on the roof!

Did you know? Bee populations are currently in decline all around the world, with urban development and climate change as just two causes for their habitat loss. “At least 30% of the world’s crops and 90% of all plants require cross-pollination to spread and thrive, and here in Canada, bees are our most important pollinators.” – Source

Want to learn (and see) more? Keep your eyes peeled on @ShopSquareOne and @NatashaNKPR‘s Instagram stories for an inside-look to the event!

Become The New Face of Flow – #FindYourFlow

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Inspired by people living in the moment, Flow – a modern, socially responsible water brand – is on the hunt for the face of their first international campaign. This week, they launched their #FindYourFlow contest where you can submit a photo of you “in your flow” to win.

Now you’re probably wondering, how exactly does one find their flow…?

Flow describes this as being in “a state of energized focus and enjoyment”. So luckily, there are unlimited possibilities! Finding your flow is a completely personal experience…for some it might be curling up with a good book, capturing the perfect moment on film, laughing with loved ones, or that incredible rush of adrenaline when you finish your first 10k run.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 11.59.02 AM

Need some more #FindYourFlow inspiration? Check out the different ways NKPR finds their flow…

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 2.20.47 PM
Nathan- I find my FLOW hanging out with Marvin the Corgi at the Toronto Harbour
Alessia- Camping always helps me find my flow. Theres nothing better than getting in touch with nature.
Caitlin- I find my flow by going to the beach in the morning and at night. Either walking on the sand or along the boardwalk while watching the water is very relaxing.
Nicole- I find my Flow connecting with nature! Can’t wait to visit Lake Huron this summer!!
Kristin- This is an easy one: playing with puppies!
Balcony Strawberry
Carolyn- I find my flow growing herbs and plants on my balcony in High Park! Meet my first balcony strawberry!
Lauren- I find my flow at Studio Lagree on King West. My favourite post-work sweat sesh. Michelle and George are the best!!!
Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 2.18.54 PM
Tory – I find my FLOW holding court in Trinity Bellwoods Park and my favourite dog named Chips.
Haley- I find my flow listening to the music I love in the city I love!
Aisha- I find my flow with a big 1,2,3 JUMP!
Emily-Flow-Costa Rica
Emily- I found my flow in Costa Rica…take me back!
Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 9.38.24 AM[1]
Ashton- I find my flow in my happy place – sunshine, swimming and friends!
Rebecca- I found my flow being fully submerged.

Now it’s your turn to share your favourite #FindYourFlow moments for a chance to become the new face of Flow’s first international campaign!

Enter the #FindYourFlow Contest:
1. Follow and tag Flow on Instagram or Twitter
2. Post your best active shot using #FindYourFlow
3. From June 24-28, head to Facebook.com/FlowH20 to vote for your favourite finalist
4. Stay tuned for the winner announcement via Flow’s Instagram on June 29!

NKPR Joins the Evolve Functional Fitness Movement!

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Meet Evolve Functional Fitness – dubbed the “Netflix” of personal training, this amazing new fitness app is rooted in the principles of functional fitness and movement! Many of us consider ourselves fitness enthusiasts, so we were intrigued and keen to try this unique approach to fitness! So, what’s it all about?

Evolve Screenshot 2

The program works as a monthly membership with 4 different trainers, each with a distinct style to help you master the building blocks of fitness. For the price of one luxury latte, you can join the movement with us! And don’t be intimidated — we love that all the workouts are accompanied by modifications and tutorials.

Evolve Screenshot

As a bodyweight-only exercise program that can be accessed anywhere, anytime on any device, Evolve eliminates the need for fussy fitness gear. Used with wireless earphones, you can really take your workout wherever you want! You can even follow with a DJ-mixed set or with your own iTunes playlist!


Evolve also makes up a community where users post photos, quotes, and feed off the inspirations of fellow members and trainers. The goal is to get people moving and having fun despite our modern stationary lives.

Join us and Evolve in a #BuiltToMove challenge every Friday at 3pm! This week we’re doing the isometric single-leg deadlift. Post your photos and results!

Show us what you’ve got! Tweet us at @natashankpr and @evolveanywhere!


Hard Day’s Work (Out)

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At our office, we have a few vices, a lot of which revolve around sweet and savoury! With all the cupcakes, chocolates and delicious treats that show up at our office, it can be a little hard to keep up  (but we’re not complaining!). So to offset our spontaneous indulgence, we’ve decided to poll the office on our favourite ways to get in shape that motivate us to keep coming back week after week (read: fun ways to trick your body into getting toned!).

Quad Spin


Nicole: “I’ve been spinning for three years. Quad’s laid-back vibe is inviting and their incredible teachers each bring something unique to every class, which makes it hard to pick a favourite. George Chaker’s classes are among my favourite, because he delivers a butt-kicking ride combined with booty shaking tunes that keep you pumped!”

Yoga Tree

Bunmi: “Nothing like yoga at Yoga Tree. I love their hot yoga classes and all their teachers are brilliant. Whatever my worry, it is left as a pool of sweat on the floor!”



Alice: “I had recently tried this studio out on a test drive for FILA (check it out here!), and loved the fast-pace, the music, and the small class size. Consider me addicted.”


Yoga Space on Ossington

Jess: “I love Hip Hop Yoga with Cassandra. Great yoga, great workout, great music!”


Casa Loma

Kristin: “I love to run through Casa Loma! They have a lot of stairs, which make for a great cardio workout.”



Lauren: “I am a GoodLife loyalist. My favourite classes are 7 A.M. Body Combat and Body Attack. I love my combat teacher, Claudia, who teaches at the Manulife Centre in Toronto. I’ve been going to her class religiously for two years. I credit her for my commitment to early morning workouts!”

What’s your favourite way to stay in shape? Tweet us @natashankpr!