Office Chatter: Lunch Eats

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Bringing your lunch to work every day is hard – and even harder when you’re surrounded by some of the best restaurants in the city! From lunch meetings to takeout, here are our favourite spots near the NKPR office!


Buonanotte Toronto
19 Mercer Street

This Entertainment District hotspot brought 20 years of great food, great drinks and a great vibe from their Montreal location to Toronto and we could not be more excited! Buonanotte offers authentic Italian comfort food and a weekly lunch table d’hôte. Open Monday – Friday  from 11:30 AM – 3 PM, it is the perfect spot for a client meeting, a quick sit-down respite from the busy office or a laissez-faire lunch on a day off! To make reservations call 416-599-7246 or email

NKPR Pick: Agnolotti del Plin con Burro e Salvia (Traditional Piedmontese pasta filled with beef, pork and rabbit with butter, sage and parmigiano)


Khao San Road
326 Adelaide Street West

There’s almost always a line outside of Khao San Road during weekday lunch, but trust us, it’s worth the wait! Not your average Thai restaurant, KSR (as we like to call it), boasts authentic flavours with signature dishes like Street Style Pad Thai and tender braised beef in their signature Khao Soi. Delicious food, friendly staff – did we mention delicious food?

NKPR Pick: Green Curry Chicken – Thai Spicy

Ravi Soups (0)

Ravi Soups
322 Adelaide Street West

Anyone who says that a bowl of soup isn’t a full meal has clearly never frequented Ravi Soups. Created with a combination of culinary genius and fresh ingredients, Ravi will change the way you feel about a simple bowl of soup. And trust us, a large Beef Miso is enough for lunch AND dinner. 

NKPR Pick: Roasted Free Range Chicken Wrap with Porcini Mushroom Soup

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Zupa’s Restaurant & Deli
342 Adelaide Street West

NKPR’s local greasy spoon, Zupa’s is everything a good diner should be; simple with a delicious menu and easy on the wallet. Perfect for a freshly made meal on a dime! 

NKPR Pick: Soup of the Day and the Grilled Cheese


Banh Mi Boys
392 Queen Street West

Asian fusion at its best! Banh Mi Boys combines Vietnamese flavours with North American-ized banh mi sandwiches and tacos. The line is long but the flavours are unreal. Take it from us – we haven’t met a banh mi we don’t love yet!

NKPR Pick: Grilled Chicken Banh Mi and Kimchi Fries

Le Gourmand

Le Gourmand
152 Spadina Ave

The best NKPR brainstorms come with melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chip cookies from Le Gourmand… The French-inspired cafe offers the option to takeout, sit-down as well as a full grocery section with specialty treats!

NKPR Pick: Cobb Salad and Chocolate Chip Cookies

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NKPR’s healthy lunch ideas

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After watching the students from George Webster Elementary get excited about exercise and healthy eating at yesterday’s At My Best Ultimate Play Day, my staff and I were inspired to eat extra nourishing lunches today (and to make this type of food a more regular part of our everyday). And because everybody loves a little food voyeurism, I posted the pics here for you to check out. Enjoy!

Emily: Vegan, gluten-free taco salad. (Made with mashed up veggie burgers, kidney beans, guacamole, soy cheese, salsa, red peppers, lettuce, corn tortilla…) Deliciousness aside, this is my all-time favourite homemade lunch because it’s full of low-fat protein and veggies, and it only takes five minutes to make.


Lauren: My lunch was the “Chopped Caesar” from FRESH. Skip the bacon! The edamame and tempeh bits are unique additions that make this Caesar a healthy one!


Kaley: I forgot my lunch at home! Maybe someone will share their healthy snacks with me today? (below: NKPR’s fridge)


Kristin: Chicken pita. Delicious veggies and grilled chicken in a whole wheat pita. So delicious, I had to take a bite before I took the photo…


Cat: A salad full of veggies and legumes. A quick and healthy lunch fix!


Jordan: Veggie pita from Pita Pit with an apple and water. A healthy and fast lunch when I am on the go! (Helps that Pita Pit is next door to the office. ;))


Heather: Ever tried to take a photo of a veggie quesadilla oozing cheese? It’s not pretty. But here’s an approximation of the healthy lunch I ate almost every other day this week: baby tomatoes, a few slices of cheese and my lentil salad on greens. (Which, FYI, is so good my friend had to capture his lunch envy with this Twitpic.)


Sarah: My lunch today is a sweet romaine lettuce salad with goat cheese, onions, pecans and baked chicken with oil and balsamic dressing. Healthy and yummy.


Brittany: Vegetarian sushi is my fave (I hate seafood) and apparently ginger is really good for you.


Bunmi: My salad consists of the following: spinach, chicken, strawberries, mushrooms, peas, pumpkin seeds, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, cranberries and pear vinaigrette! It’s a great way to get some veggies into my system and it fills me up. BTW, I think it’s absurd that a place called Sandwich Box makes salads in bowls! (But that’s beside the point.)


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