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While International Women’s Day is about celebrating the achievements of women who have paved the path for us today, it is also about the women that surround us, and who empower us, everyday. Every woman and man has a role, whether that’s by raising their daughters to be strong and independent (or their sons to be respectful and supportive), or by leading movements to show the world and our leaders what change needs to occur. Today, we recognize and show our appreciation for the women who work to create a better world for all of us.

Some of the NKPR team submitted their responses for what woman, or women, they admire. Take a look at the list below to see what powerful and influential women inspire us everyday:

Kath: Leandra Medine is my forever girl crush, career inspo and life inspirer. She’s passionate, creative, an industry leader (who’s closet I would die to raid), successful and does everything with a side of humour. Also, she prides herself on wearing pants as little as possible…

Fiona: Ellen Degeneres – a trailblazer. One of the funniest comedians of all time. She was shunned in Hollywood after being brave enough to tell the world who she was. In that heroic moment, she let millions of people know that they too could realize their own truth and own it. She told us all that it was ok to be true to yourself. Her career suffered immensely for years, but made probably the most successful comeback of all time – inspiring to everyone, wants to only do good in the world and for people to be kind to one another. Through her show, she arranges to help families overcoming obstacles, arranging hundreds of thousands of dollars to various charities and makes serious differences in ordinary people’s lives.  She is absolutely incredible in my eyes.

Rebecca: I am inspired every day by my mamas – for balancing work-life and home-life, making family a priority, raising good, smart children and for always being there for anyone who needs them. It might sound cheesy, but both of my mamas have the ability to always get it all done and it’s something I truly admire.

Tiffany: As a little girl growing up I was obsessed with the Spice Girls, not only because I loved pretending to be Posh Spice when I sang song to “Wannabe”, but because the Spice Girls enforced the notion of “Girl Power” that stuck with me from a very young age and still sticks with me today. The Spice Girls sent out a message of “girls can do anything” and they can! Stemming from my love for the Spice Girls, today I’m truly inspired by Victoria Beckham. Throughout the past two decades she has always been a powerful leader, an example of a SUPER successful female entrepreneur, a trail blazer, and on top of all of her accomplishments she’s a mother, which I find truly inspirational and someone I aspire to be like. Plus, I love her style. 😉

Mel: Dr. Leena Augimeri, my mom! She is the Director of SNAP® Scientific and Program Development & Centre for Children Committing Offences – Child Development Institute and also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Toronto. She specializes in working with children under 12 in trouble with the law. She is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of tomorrow’s leaders, with a special focus on children’s mental health. And she’s an absolutely amazing mom!

Bunmi: Mine is Harriet Tubman. More people should know about Harriet Tubman. I did a project on her in grade 4; I think it was life-changing. She was strong, principled, powerful and resourceful against all odds. She was a survivor. She has been my hero ever since.


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Office Chatter: NKPR’s Favourite NYC Eats

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My staff tends to travel to New York a lot! Whether for business or a weekend getaway, one of our favourite things to do in the city (or anywhere really) is eat! New York has some of the best food in the world and asking everyone to choose their favourite restaurant and meal was no easy task! In fact, I still refuse to pick just one! (Right now I LOVE Lure and Peasent!)

From food trucks to local eateries and world-class institutions, check out my staff’s New York City restaurant recommendations!








Aimee’s Pick – Handmade Cavatelli & Braised Short Ribs at David Burke Townhouse
“You can’t beat fall-off-the-bone meat and truffle mousse!”









Sarah’s Pick – Steak Tartare at Balthazar
“The perfect lunch on a day of shopping in Soho.”








Erica’s Pick – Lamb & Chicken Combo at 53rd and 6th Halal Cart
“Out of all the celebrity restaurants and fine New York food I’ve tasted, nothing compares to this little tin of heaven. I can’t explain why it’s so delicious but I will tell you I’ve waited in line for 2 hours in the middle of winter just to eat here. That’s commitment!” 








Bunmi’s Pick – Griddle Special at Bubby’s (Tribeca)
“I LOVED the GRIDDLE SPECIAL: Two sour cream or sourdough pancakes, two eggs any style, housemade sausage, house-cured heritage bacon or scrapple. I had this with a side of grits and cheese! Just sensational!! What breakfast should be!”









Justin’s Pick – Mexican-style Corn on the Cob at Cafe Habana 
“Inspired by a storied Mexico City lunch joint where legend has it, Che and Fidel plotted the Cuban revolution, this place has the best “mexican-style” corn you will ever eat in your entire life. Not to mention the rest of the menu, which might be the best Cuban you can get in NYC!!”











Rebecca’s Pick – Fried Chicken and Waffles at David Burke Kitchen
“I went with a group who shared a variety of jars and starters. For my main, I ordered the buttermilk fried chicken and waffles which is my #1 guiltiest pleasure and had the peanut butter chocolate cake for dessert.”











Kaley’s Pick – The Grand Opulence Sundae at Serendipity 
“The 23K edible gold leaf really sells it for me…rent well spent :)” We think she’s joking…. right?

What’s your favourite meal in New York City? Tell us in the comments, or tweet us @natashankpr!