Our New Obsession: Your Tea Detoxifying Blends

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Inside NKPR, we’re all about living active, healthy lifestyles. Lately, there’s something new that has peaked our health interests…NKPR’s New York office is obsessively buzzing about Your Tea.

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Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Your Tea has discovered delicious blends that actually assist in weight loss, digestion, energy levels and relaxation. TCM actually encourages people to be proactive with their health to avoid future health problems.

Their most popular tea, Tiny Tea, is absolutely incredible. Not only does this 14 and 28-day “teatox” increase your energy, it also clears your skin, improves your mood, and promotes weight loss. Did we mention it also comes in a gluten-free formula – what more can you ask for?!

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So, what makes Tiny Tea so special? Unlike many other detox teas on the market, Tiny Tea follows the Traditional Chinese Medicine practices ensuring every ingredient does exactly what it’s supposed to in your body and uses only organic herbs without any laxatives.

Some of our other Your Tea favourites include:

Anti-C Tea

This tea aims at shifting unwanted cellulite with thorough cleanse that rids any toxins and impurities from the body that contribute to cellulite. The best part – it actually works!

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Her Tea

Bloating, mood swings, lethargy and problem skin – there’s a tea for that. This delicious blend is specially designed for daily consumption by females keeping these common problems under control.

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For more information on Your Tea (and we definitely recommend looking it it) check out their website: www.yourtea.com

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Tea Tuesday: Our Favourite Teas

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When it comes to drinking tea, the benefits are seemingly endless: it’s hydrating, full of antioxidants, calorie free, detoxifying, heart warming, and, as tea expert and holistic nutritionist Joy McCarthy notes on The Food Network, tea has many de-stressing benefits! With the DAVIDsTEA  #cupofwarmth campaign, for every cup of tea sold until January 28th, DAVIDsTEA will donate a cup of tea to a local hunger relief charity. Also, for every post that is shared on Facebook or retweeted on Twitter, DAVIDsTEA will also donate the loose-leaf tea equivalent of one cup of tea! The #cupofwarmth campaign goal is to donate more than 150,000 cups of tea…amazing! We thought we’d share our favourite tea flavours that will satisfy the palette of every tea drinker!


From the Winter Collection, Kristin and Brittney are both “obsessed with Coffee Cake!”

Trilby’s Winter Collection favourite? “Alpine Punch, my new go-to!”

Some of our other favourite DAVIDsTEA flavours include… 

Zoe: Definitely Organic Pure Chai!

Lisa: A classic – Cream of Earl Grey

Natasha: Choconut Oolong!

Alex: Creme Caramel Rooibos, baby!

Lauren: Obviously Forever Nuts!

Diana: Mango Madness…my fave!

Denise: Buddha’s Blend – it’s peachy and delicious.

What’s your favourite flavour? Tweet us at @NatashaNKPR and @DAVIDsTEA with the hashtag #CupOfWarmth!