April 25, 2014, 4:30 pm

NKPR hearts Love Art! We’re so excited for the launch of Love Art Fair in Canada. Coming to Toronto this May 8– 11, Love Art Fair will be hosting 50+ galleries showcasing affordable, contemporary art including original paintings, artist-made prints, sculptures and photographs…all under one roof! As lovers of contemporary art ourselves (take one look at the office and you’ll see what we mean), we’re thrilled to celebrate with the Toronto art scene and get to know our local galleries.

As the Love Art Fair approaches, Love Art has been featuring weekly blog posts showcasing the various galleries participating in the fair, giving us an inside look at what’s to come during this amazing 4 day event. We thought we’d share some of our favourite highlights, continuing with Arianne DiNardo, the Recent Graduates Curator at Love Art Fair!

 ADUntitled, from “Fantasia” series, 2013

Tell me what you enjoy most when working with recent graduates?
AD: Their sense of enthusiasm and excitement; the freshness of their ideas. Most of all, I love the hope they carry with them, a hope that is transferred to their creative output. There are no big egos, no sense of disillusionment and boredom. It’s really refreshing to work with ambitious young artists that don’t take their opportunities for granted.

Can we have a sneak peak of any of the works that will be showcased in the Recent Grads Exhibition?
AD: Ah! I hate to do this… but here is one of my favourites by Arianna Perricone!

What is your favorite work of art?
AD: Of all time? I could never answer that! My taste has always been pretty consistent but my favorite works change. My favorite artists however: Robert Heinecken, Christian Boltanski, David Hockney, Ana Mendieta, Sophie Calle, Duane Michals, Bas Jan Ader, Alighiero Boetti, and John Stezaker.

Talia Chetrit is a young artist whose work I find really exciting, along with Brad Phillips, Corin Sworn, Hanna Liden, Hannah Whitaker, and Jon Rafman.

Read the full interview with Arianne DiNardo and purchase tickets for Love Art at www.loveartfair.com.

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