Age of Union Press Coverage

Age of Union: Global Media Relations

As the global public relations agency of record for Age of Union, NKPR has spearheaded all communications for the non-profit environmental alliance worldwide since its launch in October 2021. NKPR has built credibility for the organization and helped establish founder Dax Dasilva as a trusted philanthropist while also recognizing there is an opportunity to build brand recognition in markets beyond North America.


Build Dax Dasilva’s profile, create brand recognition for Age of Union, and raise awareness for critical environmental challenges in international regions where the non-profit has priority projects.

What We Did

  • Provided strategic counsel to Age of Union on a media relations strategy to ensure consistent communication to the press across North America and internationally¬†¬†
  • Managed international teams from start to finish (including vetting and contract negotiation) to ensure results were met, including:
    • Localizing and translating press materials provided by NKPR (invitations, press releases, key messages, etc.)
    • Proactive outreach to a targeted list of media in their local region
    • Creating press briefing docs to prepare spokespeople and supporting with translations during interviews where needed
  • Worked with local PR agencies in France and Trinidad and Tobago (with Peru upcoming) and oversaw media relations on the ground for major announcements, which included:
    • A film premiere in France to raise awareness for dolphin bycatch where the documentary takes place
    • The press release of a new conservation project in Trinidad and Tobago to protect endangered leatherback turtles
    • Upcoming: The press release of a new conservation project in Peru to protect the Amazon rainforest
  • Managed events on the ground where required (i.e., in Paris, France)


  • Key coverage in France with,,,, Basilic podcast, and much more.
  • Key coverage in Trinidad and Tobago with Trinidad and Tobago Guardian, Trinidad and Tobago Newsday, Trinidad Express, CNC3 News, TV6 Morning Edition, Boom 94.1FM, Next 99.1FM, and much more.¬†
  • Initial recognition and positive perception of Age of Union and Dax Dasilva in these critical regions
  • 360-degree media relations strategy that ensured Age of Union messaging was consistent across borders