Aveda Water Walk:


  • Utilize Aveda and NKPR networks to drive awareness for the Water Walk and #NoWashDay 
  • Engage Aveda network of influencers, stylists and media to come together on one unified day to raise awareness for charity: water. 
  • Drive support for WaterAid Canada and their mission of providing clean water globally.

What We Did

  • Organized the Water Walk event, involving 102 participants, including influencers and Aveda partners.
  • NKPR handled route planning, invitations,  graphics and day off organization and execution. 
  • Distributed #NoWashDay drops including Aveda product and Wateraid messaging to drive awareness and support around Aveda and Wateraid’s mission to providing clean water


  • Successfully distributed #NoWashDay drops to 32x influencers, achieving a 68% post rate.
  • These efforts led to a +0.74% increase in Aveda Canada’s social engagement, significantly boosting brand chatter.
  • The event demonstrated the power of collaboration between Aveda Canada and WaterAid Canada, showcasing how like-minded organizations can create impactful initiatives together.
  • Partnering with brands like Flow water and incorporating branded merchandise enhanced the event experience. Meanwhile, the use of vibrant green hats served as a unifying symbol, showcasing the power of strategic partnerships and symbolism in raising awareness and rallying individuals around a common cause.
  • The impactful opening remarks by Melodie and Justin set the tone for the event, emphasizing the significance of the cause and inspiring participants to take action, highlighting the importance of effective communication in rallying support for a cause.
  • Ending the walk with vegan ice cream inspired by Aveda products added a celebratory touch to the event, reinforcing the sense of accomplishment and solidarity among participants. 
  • Strategically posting content leading up to the event generated heightened buzz and engagement on Aveda Canada’s social media platforms, underscoring the importance of pre-event promotion in building anticipation, fostering audience engagement, and maximizing the reach and impact of initiatives.
  • Streamlining communications will enhance efficiencies during the planning phase, optimizing processes and ensuring smoother execution of future events.