Divina Dalí Exhibit

La Girafe en Feu - Divina Dalí Exhibit:


NKPR was appointed by La Girafe to develop and execute an integrated PR strategy, supporting the exhibit’s launch and long-term success, with a focus on immersing Divina Dalí into the local community and building media presence to raise tickets sales.

What We Did

  • NKPR conducted targeted pitching and curated invites for the Divina Dalí exhibit to secure valuable coverage in top local outlets.
  • NKPR worked closely with the Divina Dalí to successfully execute several events to increase media and ticket holder awareness. Events included: a media preview, exhibit launch gala, and Toronto Life Insiders event.
  • NKPR identified organizations, media and people of influence to partner with Divina Dalí, with the goal of building relationships allowing their own audiences and networks unique access to the exhibit as a dual benefit to both their channels/contacts and traffic generation to the exhibit. 


  • 54 million media & social media impressions.
  • 43 pieces of feature coverage. 
  • Through a layered approach – including proactive + consistent media relations, social media, events and strategic partnerships – NKPR has built significant awareness and buzz for Divina Dalí since its grand opening, positioning the exhibit as never before seen works of art, featured in Toronto Star, CTV News Toronto, and more. 
  • With a strong focus on strategic media relations. NKPR successfully introduced the Divina Dalí  exhibit to many of the city’s most recognizable news outlets, and people of influence, resulting in the generation of ticket sales.