Lightspeed Re-Appointment of Dax Dasilva as CEO:


Celebrate the re-appointment of Lightspeed Commerce Inc. Founder Dax Dasilva as CEO. As a publicly traded company, it was important that Dax’s return was used as an opportunity to drive shareholder confidence in Lightspeed and use press coverage in both Canada and the United States as a vehicle to send a crystal clear message on Dax’s plan for delivering long-term shareholder value.

What We Did

  • Draft a press release on the re-appointment of Dax Dasilva as CEO.
  • Develop an in-depth key messaging document that would help Dax prepare for any potential questions that may arise in press interviews, outlining the most important key messaging to driver in all interviews.
  • Media training with Dax and mock interviews to help him practice delivering key messaging.
  • Provide counsel on Lightspeed’s internal communications and social media communications plan.
  • Developed a thoughtful media relations strategy, consistent for Canada and the United Status, while cognisant of the sensitive nature of the announcement. This included:
    • Emailing top-tier business journalists in both Canada and the United States, late afternoon the day before the announcement to let them know major news would be coming early the next morning and asking if they would reserve time in their calendars to speak with a Lightspeed executive.
    • With press on their toes, excited to hear the news – and well positioned to cover the news with the materials we would provide – we sent media the press release the next morning when it crossed the newswire at 7am EST. 
    • We also moved forward with pre-planned interviews and scheduled additional interviews throughout the day.


  • Interviews with Wall Street Journal, Cheddar TV, Canadian Press, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, BNN Bloomberg, Globe and Mail, La Presse, The Logic, Financial Post, and more.
  • Over 216 million media impressions and 34 earned pieces of press coverage
  • Our thoughtful media relations strategy gave us the opportunity to not only better control the message in press articles, but deliver results in top-tier publications.