Team Naimark

Naimark Law Firm: Google Advertising Services

As the agency of record for Naimark Law Firm, a personal injury and malpractice firm in Ontario, NKPR serves as the firm’s official PR agency. Naimark was seeking new client leads, and to service our client, NPR developed a targeted Google advertising strategy aimed at targeting potential clients and generating new leads for the firm. 



Providing Naimark Law Firm with monthly Google advertising support to generate new business leads and drive awareness of the firm.


What We Did

  • NKPR advised on specific keyword targeting –– Through strategic counsel and extensive research into potential keywords that clients would be searching NKPR provided a list of top-performing keywords specific to the firms’ services. 
  • Developed a comprehensive always-on Google strategy to achieve top placement on Google search and compete for placement with top competitors. 
  • Created Google search advertisements, always achieving a 100% ad optimization score. 
  • Actively monitored best and worst performing search terms and search phrases to add or remove keywords to achieve success.



  • Secured over 87K local impressions and generated 2.5K clicks to site.
  • From the success of Google advertising, Naimark secured 3 new long-term clients in two months of advertising.