Mr Feel Good x Samuelsohn Banner

Samuelsohn: Samuelsohn x Mr. Feelgood

Samuelsohn, a beloved leading luxury men’s fashion company, was looking to increase its brand recognition and revitalize its image during the lead-up to its centennial anniversary.


To align the brand with notable men of influence who embody the entrepreneurial spirit that defines the Samuelsohn DNA, NKPR created a partnership with the aspirational and curated men’s lifestyle brand and media outlet Mr. Feelgood.

What We Did

  • As part of the Mr. Feelgood partnership with Samuelsohn, NKPR negotiated the inclusion of a photo shoot using Mr. Feelgood’s creative team, comprised of leading stylists and models best known for working with Men’s Vogue. 
  • We hand-picked five men ranging in age who hold real influence from across North America to star in the campaign, and each man was styled and photographed in a manner that demonstrated their personality. 
  • To further expand upon the narrative, we worked with Mr. Feelgood to shoot a video centered around the theme, “What Moves You,” allowing both the clothing and the personality of each participating man to shine. 


  • NKPR secured a comprehensive editorial piece with Mr. Feelgood, which included a feature on the website, social media, and multiple times in the newsletter, with a unique code to drive to purchase.
  • Additionally, we maximized the photo shoot for Samuelsohn, using the opportunity to capture content to showcase to buyers, use on social platforms and leverage the brand’s new website launching in 2023.