2008 NKPR Highlights!

December 29, 2008, 6:27 pm

At My Best – Groundbreaking Children Wellness Program

We piloted and then officially launched the groundbreaking, children’s wellness program At My Best, which focuses on the physical, nutritional and emotional health of children from kindergarten to grade three. The program, which was made available to 1000 schools across Canada, has been a resounding success and there is already a waiting list for schools to get the program in the 2009/2010 school year.



Happy Fashion Friday! 🖤
Getting dressed this time of year can be confusing but, I have the perfect thing! A puffer vest with a hood! I'm loving the Thorium vest from @Arcteryx - it is so versatile and has just the right proportion!! 🙌 What’s your go-to piece this time of year?


Tomorrow, March 23rd #BenJohnston is presenting a new solo exhibition at @Taglialatella. The exhibition titled Wordplay expands on the signature motifs he established with his street art practice. 🎨

📍99 Yorkville Ave, from 6pm - 9pm

#GalleryTime #Yorkville #BYTime

For Women’s History Month, we caught up with Julia Cyboran, VP of Brand. She’s a strategic storyteller and purpose-driven marketer who loves delivering those big ideas that drive measurable impact. #WomenHistoryMonth

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