Birds of a Feather Tweet Together

August 16, 2010, 6:22 pm

Confession: I have discovered that Sarah and I are actually twins separated at birth. It is true. We have so much in common from our love of fashion designers, high-heeled shoes and online shopping to our signature fragrance. Has that ever happened to you? It is unnerving and exciting at the same time! Love her!!

The Scoop: I got a sneak peek of the new collections Stila will be launching in the coming season. They are so much fun! I won’t give too much away but, you can expect brighter, bolder colour palettes, long- wearing lip glosses and liners and another addition to the one-step makeup line that will make you glow!

Both Kaci and Sarah are beautiful, funny, charming women, but they are also incredibly talented makeup artists! They had a chance to demonstrate their skills when a few celebrities dropped into the event to meet the dynamic duo. Kaci and Sarah shared some pro-artist tips and tricks while giving mini-makeovers. Check out the pics below to see some highlights from the event.

I can’t wait until these ladies are back in town for TIFF and Fashion Week…. but until then….at least we have twitter!!

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Xo Natasha