Boosting Customer Service and Marketing a Brand During a Pandemic

September 14, 2020, 5:50 pm

While businesses work to navigate their structures during the pandemic, real estate developers have been quick to adapt their strategies in order to build a prosperous future, post-COVID. Our President, Natasha Koifman, recently chatted with Building Excellence Magazine, discussing top tips on boosting your customer experience and marketing your brand during a pandemic, as well as why it’s so valuable – now, more than ever.

“During these uncertain times, it’s crucial for real estate developers to revisit brand values to make sure communications align with vision…”

— Natasha Koifman, President, NKPR

From spearheading an innovative, socially-distanced event with Lanterra Developments, embracing digital transformation through platforms like SaleFish, instilling customer confidence through new safety guidelines like Fusion Homes, or harnessing the power of philanthropy like Lifetime Developments, we’re proud to work with our clients as they pivot their business strategies to come out stronger than ever during these evolving times.

Our top three tips to help navigate a business in this landscape are to embrace digital transformation, instil consumer confidence, and use all the tools in your brand toolbox. It’s not the time to stay silent on social media – being authentic and genuine with your audience will go a long way!