Building healthier habits, one Flow at a time!

January 19, 2023, 8:31 am

How do you stay on top of your health goals? Well, at NKPR, we’re getting things done – one sip at a time! In the spirit of workplace wellness and building strong habits, Team NKPR is embarking on the #Flow30 challenge this month – the goal is to drink 3L of Flow Water a day for 30 days! Drinking enough water can sometimes feel like an uphill battle — that’s why we decided to accept the challenge and turn it into a fun way to stay hydrated! Believe it or not, getting the right amount of H2O can have tremendous benefits – think increased focus and improved brain function, as well as fewer headaches and healthier skin. With regular check-ins, the team plans to stay on track and support each other along the way!

We all know that the water we drink matters – and with our client Flow, it’s more than just for hydration. #Flow not only provides you with pure, naturally alkaline water but also comes in sustainable packaging that’s better for the environment!!! Cheers to a fresher and healthier 2023! 





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More than half of survey respondents prefer booking tee times online.

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(source: Lightspeed Golf Industry Trend Report 2023)

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