NKPR Client Spotlight: ‘Trading up with Mandy Rennehan’

June 24, 2022, 6:13 pm

NKPR Client Spotlight: ‘Trading up with Mandy Rennehan’

At NKPR, we commit ourselves to working with clients that we’re excited about; those who are disruptors in their fields, drive innovation and empower others – and construction mogul, MANDY RENNEHAN is the perfect example of that! Mandy’s entrepreneurial journey began at the young age of 10 in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, when she started selling bait to local fishermen for profit in order to help her family financially. She left home at 18 to learn more about construction, opened her first company at 20, and soon found herself at the top of a male-dominated industry, all before she turned 30.  

Truly a woman on a mission – Mandy is currently CEO of construction company Freshco, an accomplished author and a TV show host too! Following the recent launch of her book ‘The Blue Collar CEO,’ Mandy is now riding high on the success of her new TV Show “Trading up with Mandy Rennehan,’ which is produced by Scott Brothers Entertainment, and airs every Thursday on HGTV Canada.  

What we did 

Team NKPR has been a proud part of Mandy’s inspiring journey; right from the early stages of the show, all the way up to her most recent press appearances for it! Our first meeting with Mandy, years ago, was enough for us to see that she was a superstar in the making, and this was the opportune moment that the idea for ‘Trading up with Mandy Rennehan’ came to life. We worked with Mandy on the early development of the show and played a part in getting the show picked up by Scott Brothers Entertainment and greenlit by HGTV Canada!

As the agency-of-record, our main goal once the show was greenlit, was to continue generating awareness for Mandy Rennehan and contribute to her overall brand recognition and growth with new audiences across North America by successfully leveraging her show and her book through broadcast, online, and print opportunities. We facilitated strategic partnerships and media relations with long and short-lead pitching to secure coverage for “Trading up with Mandy Rennehan,’ and provided ongoing counsel on media opportunities and promotions that would help catapult Mandy’s profile and success as an industry leader and credible personality across North America. 

The Show 
Set in Yarmouth, ‘Trading Up’ follows Mandy and her apprentices as they transform run-down properties into extraordinary homes for resale. Mandy has been a passionate advocate of getting tradespeople the respect they deserve and diversity in the field, and her new show reflects this commitment. Filled with funny moments, a remarkable cast and crew, life lessons, positivity and even appearances by her near and dear ones (including her father), ‘Trading up with Mandy Rennehan’ is an absolute must-watch as Mandy proves yet again that she’s truly a Master of the trades!