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December 16, 2010, 4:12 pm

“My experience working with the talented group from NKPR has been fantastic! Each member of the team is dedicated to helping Entertainment Tonight and Entertainment Tonight Canada. They are efficient, courteous, and professional. There is follow up to make sure we have everything we need. I look forward to working with NKPR again and I hope it is soon!”

Lu Murray
Entertainment Tonight





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More than half of survey respondents prefer booking tee times online.

Read the full report: http://bit.ly/3H1wSD4

(source: Lightspeed Golf Industry Trend Report 2023)

The Lightspeed Golf team is here LIVE at the #PGAShow in Orlando, Florida!

Stop by booth #4229 to check out a demo and learn how Lightspeed Golf helps operators do more with less.

It's not too late—book a live demo here: http://bit.ly/3H9iU3p

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