October 28, 2010, 9:25 pm

The atmosphere around the office has been extra great lately. Everyone’s really been coming together to get projects off the ground and the new team members have seamlessly fit in… Oh, and Baker Street came by, which means we’ve been eating amazing cakes and pies for days! Anyways, all of these good things reminded me how lucky I am to work at a job I love with a staff I love, too. And it got me thinking about the jobs I’ve had in the past… especially the bad ones. So, because it’s Friday and because bad job stories are so funny, here are some of our personal favourites. (Or should that be least favourites?…)

Rebecca: Library Page
I shelved books according to the Dewey Decimal system. Someone would walk around to make sure I wasn’t reading and I wasn’t really allowed to talk, which was a huge problem for me.

Emily: Hole Digger
I spent an entire summer digging holes in the sand for a beach volleyball league. I would wait around until the games were over, pull the nets out of the holes and refill the holes so that no one would fall in the holes.

Reiko: Assistant Vet Tech.
I spent two summers restraining anxious, diseased and ill-tempered animals while the radiologist did her thing. Ever have a cat pee, poo and vomit on you at the same time? I have.

Kaley: Staple Remover Girl
I removed staples from documents and passed those documents to Scan Girl. To this day, I would rather bite out staples with my teeth than touch a staple remover.

Emma: Corn Detasseler
I spent two weeks of a summer (that’s how long I lasted) walking through cornfields and pulling tassels out of corn stalks.

Aimee: Bakery Girl
I had to wake up at 6 a.m. to make donuts. Delicious indeed, apart from the lard that would cake itself onto all parts of my uniform and the scent of batter that permeated my skin for the three months of

my tenure.

Jeannette: Bookkeeper
When I was a student, I got a part-time job doing the bookkeeping for a small company. Here’s the thing: I lied about my experience! I had no idea what I was doing! It was incredibly stressful and I only lasted 3.5 months.

Kristin: Golf course employee
I was that person who drove that little cart and picked up golf balls on the driving range. Everyone aimed for me!

Katy: Waitress
I only took the job because my mother bullied me into it. Then, after crappy shifts and constant harassment from my aggressive bosses, my iPod was stolen. I quit after three weeks.

Now here’s mine: Finance Co-op Student
My worst job ever was at a financial company. (I thought I wanted to be a stockbroker.) What a disaster! I filed all day and, seriously, at times I wanted to lay my head down on my desk and sleep. If I’d seen the Seinfeld episode where George sleeps under his desk, I would have done that! It was the most drab, low energy environment ever and I decided then and there that I would NEVER ever work at a ‘beige’ job.

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XO Natasha