Hostess gifts with the mostess

December 17, 2010, 4:50 pm

I think I have about 15,000 different holiday parties to go to this year so it’s tough to come up with unique host/hostess gifts every time. You probably have the same problem, right? I mean, who needs another re-gifted fondue set? So I asked around the office and gathered together these ideas that will work for almost every host or hostess. It’s my gift to you. ☺

For the host you want to kiss under the mistletoe… Kiehl’s famous lip balms in four amazing limited edition flavours: cranberry, mango, vanilla and coconut.

For the host you know will share…
An orange cranberry cheesecake and white chocolate strawberry yule log from Baker Street.

For the host with the perfect ‘do…
The Goody Styling Solutions gift set.
For the host who loves to snack…
A basketful of Wonderful Pistachios in Roasted Salted and Salt & Pepper.
For the host who always makes the perfect toast…
The three bottles every at-home bartender needs: Aperol,Campari and SKYY Vodka.

Happy Holidays!

XO Natasha