IT Lounge 2008!

September 4, 2008, 5:03 pm

Last year’s IT Lounge was such a big hit we’re doing ‘IT‘ again and we’re super excited! Celebrities go through a grueling schedule so we’re trying to make it a little easier for them with a special collection of survival must-haves for the 2008 Toronto Film Festival! Speaking of grueling schedules, here are a few of my personal Survival Tips for TIFF!


You usually don’t have time to think about what you’re going to wear on any given day. So on my floor, I lay out my clothes in a grid – Day. Night (night’s usually just a different pair of shoes). And you’re done. Just one more detail that I don’t have to think about!

It’s all about the shoes. I’m big into wearing a heel because I’m 5-foot-4, so I like the height. But a casual shoe is great on a day like Media Day at the IT Lounge, when I’m really busy. So the red little Mary Jane from Teva, for instance, is perfect on a day when I’m going to always be on my feet.

What sleep?! During the Festival, I probably get about three hours per night. I’m up really early and go to bed really late. And that’s why I need a lot of really great skin cream like Olay skin cream, the Olay Definity Collection.

Dr. Penny Kendall Reed and The No Crave Diet. It just works for me. I’ve been doing it now for eight months – and I asked her to participate in the IT Lounge because it’s changed my life. And I can tell the difference even now. Normally at this stage I’d be up by five pounds. But not this year!

September is Big Brothers and Big Sisters (BBBST) month and the IT Lounge is eager to show its support once again. Celebrities will have the opportunity to donate gifts from the Lounge to assist in raising money for BBBST programs.