Juno-worthy fashion tips

March 25, 2011, 9:07 pm

Peanut butter and chocolate aside, it’s hard to think of a better combination than fashion and music! If you want to witness the two come together in serious style, be sure to watch the Junos this weekend as Royal Wood walks the red carpet in his favourite RW&CO. suit! Here’s how the Canadian musician—and Songwriter of the Year nominee—makes the most of this go-to formal look and how you can, too.

Royal Wood’s Top Five Suiting Tips

1. “A perfect suit is all about fit, so stay away from boxy jackets. I tend to go for a slim, modern cut—it’s just more flattering.”

2. “Jacket length matters. I know mine is just right if my knuckles reach the bottom of my jacket when my arms are hanging at my sides.”

3. “When it comes to shirts, your sleeves should just peek out from beneath your jacket sleeve. Good style aside, anything longer distracts me when I play piano.”

4. “Make sure your pants fit snuggly in the hip area, even without a belt. Think of your belt as an accessory, not something that keeps your pants up.”

5. “You can’t go wrong with black, gray and navy. They’re flattering and elegant, which is what wearing a suit is all about. Plus, these colours likely go with everything that you already have in your closet.”

For more insight into Royal Wood’s music and style, click here to watch a really beautiful behind-the-scenes short, A Day in the Life of Royal Wood.

Enjoy the Junos everyone!

XO Natasha