Love Art Fair: How To Buy Your First Piece of Art

May 8, 2014, 5:06 pm

Love Art Fair is on full-force and we can’t get enough! We’ve seen dozens of breathtaking pieces from a variety of different artists. With all this excitement, it’s hard not to look back on our very first art purchases.

We know that buying art can be an intimidating process if you’re not sure what you’re doing or what you’re looking for. So before you pull out your hair trying to choose something, we’ve rounded up some very helpful tips for first time buyers…


Love Art Blog Image


1)    Slow Down – Finding the perfect piece of art is not something that should be rushed. Wear comfortable shoes and take your time checking out each and every gallery.

2)   Be Prepared – If you’re looking to fill a certain space in your home, know what you’re looking for i.e. what size, which colours, what kind of lighting, etc.

3)   Grab a Guide – Upon arrival, pick up a fair guide and take notes on the galleries as you see something you like.

4)   Speak Up – If you see something you love, don’t be afraid to ask the artist about it! If it happens to fall outside of your budget, ask if any payment arrangements can be made.

5)   Not Speed Dating – After having a look around, take a break to mull over your choices. If you need more time to think about it, Love Art Fair offers free re-entry on another day of the event.

6)   Trust Your Instincts – Buying art is about the connection and reaction to a specific piece. Trust your taste and go for the pieces you can’t get enough of!

7)   Have Fun! – The best piece of advice is to just have fun! Art is exciting – get involved, chat with artists, or join a workshop.