My new favourite snack is also my new favourite commercial

December 10, 2010, 7:20 pm

Do you remember hearing about that Wonderful® Pistachio campaign that aired in the U.S.? The one with all those different celebrities cracking open pistachios in hilarious ways? Well, we’ve finally got it here in Canada! “Get Snackin’” will start airing tonight and features Snooki from Jersey Shore, NFL Cincinnati Bengals player Chad Ochocinco, YouTube’s Keyboard Cat, Wee-Man from Jackass 3-D, and Charlie Brown and Lucy from Peanuts. The commercials will air during prime-time shows like Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy, CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada, House… But if you’re like me and you want to watch them now (and share them with your friends), visit and follow Wonderful Pistachios on Twitter.

By the way, my staff is going crazy for the new Salt & Pepper flavour. I’ve been stepping on empty shells for a week! 🙂

XO Natasha

P.S. Snooki was in our office this morning (well, “pretend” Snooki). She gave out Wonderful Pistachios to lucky Toronto snackers!