My staff + RW&CO. = HOT!

December 10, 2010, 7:14 pm

If you follow this blog, you know that my staff is a bit fashion crazy! Today, everyone was rocking their favourite looks from RW&CO. so we improvised a lo-fi fashion shoot and it ended up turning out pretty great! Do I have the best looking staff or what? Five supermodels and a hand model? How many other PR firms can say that? 🙂

What RW&CO. looks do you love? Tweet me your pics

XO Natasha

P.S. Click on the photo and zoom in for an even better view!





We are excited to announce our partnership with @livingluxemag, a publication devoted to celebrating elegant & luxurious lifestyles!

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I recently managed to score the #Nkallblackeverything trifecta -  @sorelfootwear Hi-Line Heel Chelsea boots, @CHANEL jacket and @Celine joggers 🧥👖👢 Lightweight, stylish and waterproof, I can attest that these Sorel kicks are a winter wardrobe staple !! 🙌🖤


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