NKPR prom faves!

March 21, 2011, 9:28 pm

It’s the official unofficial fashion week here in Toronto, which means my evenings are going to be packed with amazing fashion! It also means that I’m going to try and avoid eating too much junk food. There’s nothing like watching ridiculously beautiful models walk around in gorgeous clothes to keep me motivated! 🙂 This week of shows opens tonight with Philip Sparks and closes on Friday with Greta Constantine… I know LG Fashion Week (the official official Fashion Week) takes place from March 28 – April 2, but Philip Sparks and Greta Constantine are my favourites! I’m so excited for their shows!

Another reason to skip dessert and hit the treadmill? It’s PROM at the ROM this weekend! In honour of this amazing event, I asked my team to answer the following high school prom-related question: What was your favourite prom song and why? Here’s what they said:

Andrea: “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel. If I had stayed for the dancing portion of the prom I would have liked to hear that song. Remember Say Anything with John Cusack holding up the ghettoblaster for Ilone Skye? Yum.

Bunmi: I didn’t go to Prom, but I made my younger sister stand on a chair and slow dance with me to Billy Vera and the Beaters’ “At This Moment.”

Brittany: “Gold Digger” by Kanye West. Because my date was rich! 🙂

Lauren: “Graduation Song” by Vitamin C. It’s so cliché but it pulls on my nostalgic heart strings every time!

Emily: “Jump Around” by House of Pain. Because I could jump around AND fake rap. (And no, I didn’t have a date. How did you know?)

Heather: As part of my anti-top 40 campaign, I saved my moves for songs my parents would have danced to at their prom. (The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, of course).

André: “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. I didn’t go to prom, but this song would be pretty great if everyone danced it all synchronized.

Kaley: “Yeah” by Ursher. It’s so yeah! AND it reminds me of my Cancun grad trip which was pretty… fun.

What’s your favourite prom song memory? Tweet me about it.

XO Natasha