NKPR Weekend Wrap Up!

January 10, 2011, 11:09 pm

Unlike many people, I actually enjoy Monday mornings because I love finding out what everyone got up to on the weekend. Since I’m out of the office today, though, I missed all the catching up! So I sent an e-survey around the office —what exciting and boring things did you do this weekend? — and now I’m up to speed! Here’s what my staff was doing on their days off:

Exciting: I went to Ikea to buy new furniture!
Boring: I assembled the furniture from Ikea.

Exciting: I moved!!!
Boring: I waited around for the cable guy.

Exciting: Listened to great jazz Sunday night at The Emmet Ray (bar on College and Ossington)
Boring: In bed by 11 pm on Saturday with a bout of winter inertia!!

Exciting: I saw Blue Valentine. Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling’s performances are incredible. Claustrophobic. Depressing. Wonderful.
Boring: The woman next to me in the movie. She kept asking me stupid questions the whole time. So annoying.

Exciting: Took my dog for a long walk and played in the snow!!!
Boring: Went to see Little Fockers. This movie wasn’t as bad as everyone said it would be, but it certainly wasn’t epic.

Exciting: Ate yummy coconut shrimp and sweet potato fries at The Rushton.
Boring: Unpacked from my trip/reorganized my closet.

Exciting: I got to spend all day Sunday doing whatever I wanted (TV watching, drinks with friends) because I didn’t have to study for my GMAT anymore!
Boring: Wrote my GMAT.

Exciting: Celebrated an old friend’s birthday over several glasses of red wine.
Boring: Was in bed and asleep at 9 p.m. on Sunday night because of the previous night’s celebrations.

Exciting: I went to Costco for the first time!
Boring: See above.

Exciting: I tried my very first yoga class.
Boring: I watched the movie The House Bunny.

Exciting: I continued to feed my costume drama mini-series obsession and I started watching Downton Abbey.
Boring: Making a chocolate chip banana loaf that exploded in my oven.

As for me
Exciting: Eating my way through Paris, France (croissants and desserts) and shopping at John Richmond.
Far less exciting: Gaining weight from being in Paris.

What were you up to? Tweet me here!

XO Natasha



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