NKPR Women’s Entrepreneurship Grant 2022

November 14, 2022, 1:53 am

Would you believe it if we told you that ONLY a quarter of all entrepreneurs in Canada are women? While women entrepreneurs around the world are powerful drivers of development and economic growth, due to a lack of funding among other factors, many of them are often unable to get their businesses up and running. With this in mind, on the occasion of NKPR’s 20th anniversary, we launched the inaugural NKPR Women’s Entrepreneurship Grant along with our media partner Canadian Business, to empower and uplift women entrepreneurs by providing them with the tools they need to make their dreams a reality. 

Over the last few months, we had the privilege of discovering a variety of amazing women-owned businesses through the incredible number of entries we received from all over Canada. We narrowed it down to 5 finalists who were shortlisted based on an in-depth process that included their elevator pitch, business plan, video submission and interview. Today, we are pleased to announce that Nuria Madrenas, Founder of Tacit online gallery and art consultancy, is the winner of our first-ever NKPR Entrepreneurship Grant! In addition to $10,000 in funding, Nuria will receive valuable hands-on coaching and mentorship sessions. According to reports, only 2% of global art spending is on works by women and Tacit is working to address this gender disparity through promoting women-made art amongst emerging collectors and giving female artists a platform to showcase their work. We look forward to supporting Nuria and providing her with the funding, guidance and tools that she needs to make this a turning point in her entrepreneurial journey. Congratulations Nuria!

Moreover, as all four shortlisted candidates demonstrated tremendous business acumen and potential that deserved to be nurtured, the grant was extended to include an additional 10 hours of mentorship from NKPR to assist them in meeting their business objectives. Read on to learn more about the four shortlisted candidates and their businesses: 

  1. Celia Lopez, founder of Placemade: PlaceMade is Toronto’s first health and fitness workspace, designed specifically for health and fitness professionals. Celia’s vision is to empower health and fitness professionals with a foundation for success by providing a top-quality workspace, business support and a powerful community to aid in their mission to promote an active lifestyle.
  2. Jessica Bevilacqua, founder of Dog Standards: A customized, fresh dog food delivery service offering a convenient and healthy feeding solution for pet parents. Pet owners are asked questions about their pup, after which the app’s algorithm calculates the pup’s daily caloric requirements, and creates a customized meal plan.The dog’s food is then shipped on a regular schedule in eco-friendly thermal packaging with feeding guidelines on the back! 
  3. Tila Laurence, founder of Pretty in paint: Pretty in Paint are trusted repaint specialists who provide their clients with quick, quality, affordable painting services in both residential and commercial painting sectors. The company is truly changing the way people think about painting and trades through a service and product that is a ‘cut’ above the rest.
  4. Sade Lambo and Rachel Lambo, co-founders of Sade Baron: Co-founded by a mother daughter duo, Sade Baron was built on the pair’s own experiences with dry skin, and is a 100% vegan brand that has been thoughtfully crafted using high-quality nutrients as a source of food for the skin.

Now more than ever, we need to support and empower women entrepreneurs and work towards a world where they can thrive and succeed on their own terms.