NKPRers Dish IT Lounge

September 19, 2011, 1:22 pm

IT was the longest week that felt like the shortest week. Or maybe it was the other way around. Either way, for  a full week our office was draped, hung with chandeliers and positively transformed into one of the film festival’s premier gifting suites. Some of the boldface names included Paul Haggis, Russell Peters, Erin Karpluk, Howie D, an assortment of Toronto Maple Leafs and a whole lot of Degrassi: The Next Generation cast members. After working for almost two weeks straight the NKPR team just treated themselves to a long weekend, and all the cupcakes that Baker Street left in our fridge.

Morgan Spurlock reads up on Miami Escapes
Morgan Spurlock at the IT Lounge

“My favourite part was moonwalking,” says Andrea, referring to the House of Marley DJ who kept us grooving all week.

“Listening to old school BSB while Howie D walked through the Lounge, taking hilarious photos in the Goody Photo Booth [ed note: it’s true, the award for Most Time Spent in Photobooth definitely goes to Kristin], meeting Billy Boyd (Pippin was my favourite hobbit), when it ended and I slept peacefully ;)” – Kristin

“Since this was my first IT Lounge experience, it was all very exciting. My most memorable moment would have to be the first day. The office was insane busy, filled with people (celebs and media). I was constantly busy and loved it. My fave moment would be hanging out with everyone before and at the APJ/TORO event.” – Samantha

“My most memorable moments were seeing the office transform into the amazing IT Lounge it became. I enjoyed each of the talent who came through, and loved the fun that that Goody photobooth brought to the lounge. The Stila Kiss for a Cause board was smooched by all! I had the pleasure of touring the Property Brothers and they were the first males to put on lipstick and kiss the board for Camp Ooch. They were great sports.” – Lindsay

Russell Peters apparently loving Stratusphere
Russell Peters at the IT Lounge

“Meeting Cory Monteith at TORO After Dark- that was definitely a highlight.” – Brittany

“My best memory of the IT Lounge was probably working the HELLO! Canada red carpet, and then hanging out in the IT Lounge, eating pita on the floor before TORO, taking photos in the Goody Booth, listening to really loud music and eating candy and being crazy” – Rebecca

“Favourite IT Lounge moment? Seeing each brand give back to APJ and Camp Oochigeas in their individual way – from “tweeting” to even “kissing” for a cause!” – Lauren

“My highlight was when Bob Marley’s granddaughter Donisha Prendergast came in, because I’m a huge Marley fan” – Alyson Fuller of Baker Street

“I loved meeting all the staff at NKPR, they’re awesome,” said Greg, our dutiful and faithful photographer. “Favourite moment? Meeting Erin Karpluk.”

Erin Karpluk holds Baker Street cupcakes
Erin Karpluk at the IT Lounge

“Pie,” says Cherith Walsh. “But non-IT Lounge highlights were when I saw my idol Eddie Vedder play at the APJ garden lunch.”

“Being crammed in the corner with the entire creative team.” – Elli

“Dancing the days away to the tunes of the very cool DJ Spex at the House of Marley booth.” – Katherine

Alas, the drapes have been dropped, the chandeliers are dismantled and at some point we’ll finish all the Baker Street cupcakes, but it was a swell ride while it lasted. See you all next year!