NKPR’s Christmas and Hanukkah lists!

December 10, 2010, 7:33 pm

The talk around the office today was Christmas, Hanukkah and what we all want! Here’s a short version of what is really a very long and wonderfully greedy list:

  • Dzeneta – a puppy
  • Aimee – an iPad
  • Andrea – a man
  • Emma – bartender kit and martini glasses
  • Emily – a Macbook Air
  • Jenna – Ryan Reynolds… and she’s serious
  • Sarah – a ski trip to Switzerland
  • Marissa – Stila MP3 Makeup Player
  • Rebecca – the 3 cm-thick TV in the window at Bay/Bloor Radio
  • Jeannette – a salon quality blow-dryer
  • Bunmi – a day at the spa (hahaha!); 12-15 hours of uninterrupted sleep; a couple of days in bed watching BBC period drama Austen-esque miniseries

As for me… I want peace on earth. And maybe a dark navy blue Birkin. 🙂

I hope this inspires your own list!

XO Natasha