NKPR’s Survival Guide

September 7, 2010, 6:15 pm

Happy Tuesday!

I know in previous posts I’ve shared some of my festival survival tips, but ever since sitting in the “trenches” with the rest of the incredible, hard-working and amazing team members I’ve realized that they have some interesting strategies for getting through the next few weeks, so I felt like I should share them.


  • Bunmi keeps her cool by singing musical theatre hits
  • Corinna makes sure she always eats
  • Nicole goes spinning at Quad Fitness
  • André steps away from the computer to go for a jog every night
  • Jenna gets by on pure hope and anticipation of a special run-in with one dashing Ryan Reynolds
  • Tim stays healthy with his personal desk garden of fruits and veggies
  • Stefani relies on the comfort and warmth of her blanket which is wrapped around her at all times (perhaps to provide warmth where once upon a time there lay an appendix?)
  • Dzeneta has taken to chain smoking
  • Victoria makes sure to stay on top of the news
  • Andrea eats 80-cal ice cream sandwiches and drinks Crystal Light
  • Rebecca is getting by with her new ombre hair from Salon Escape
  • Aimee is making it through thanks to the new interns
  • Rick gets by on the excitement for making a difference for Artists for Peace and Justice. Oh, and caffeine.
  • Emma gets by on deep breaths. Lots of them.
  • Marissa stays healthily fuelled thanks to her daily signature salad from the Healthy Greek (best dressing ever- but only when it’s not too garlicky)
  • Jeannette dreams of the party she’s having when festival is over
  • Michelle is surviving with Tylenol Cold & Flu
  • Kaley’s WAS yogurt covered raisins….

How are you going to get through the festival? Join the conversation @natashankpr. Also, I’ve upped the Twitter ante- for every new @natashankpr follower, I will make a $5 donation to Artists for Peace and Justice. It’s never been easier to help Haiti!

XO Natasha